Payment Issue *Tips Needed*

Hi everyone!
I hope Everyone is doing great on this Wednesday morning. I am a offer up LOVER, the issue is I am painfully disappointed in the turn around time for the payment of shipping items. Today marks 4 weeks so 20 business days since my item was delivered but 17 days since my item has been inspected and confirmed. I work In customer care so I’m always polite but most importantly patient when it comes to asking for help, in this case. I got frustrated. I’ve emailed offer up customer care about 7 times and was forwarded to a payment specialist with zero response. Since it is busy this time of year. I continued to patiently wait for a response, nothing. If it was 50 to 100 dollars I’d be fine with continued waiting but it’s car payment type money. Does anyone have any advice or know anyone who is in management or on the payment team to help rectify the issue and have the funds released. I am a firm believer in inspection of an item but I’m also into empowering the seller as they are the revenue makers. Something has to give when it comes to making someone wait nearly a month for a payment they desperately needed a week ago.
I love Offer up and the concept but as a user, it pains me to have zero backing and no reassurance by a customer service team but to be forwarded. Once my money is returned, how can I voice my opinion for improvemnt? Offer up has so much to offer. The concept is simple easy and painless.

I’m running out of options and feel as if this money is forever gone.

Thank you for all of those who help in this situation
Anything is greatly appreciated

Level 3
Let’s laugh. I am IEEE as well as early payments plus EMV (chip/card). I am also an ID Theft survivor due to the banking industry hits.

If you are a woman it is complete hell with name changes. I went to court with ID theft evidence and went back to my birth name.

OfferUp keeps asking me for Stripe upload info (probably software as a service third party auth/payments) but never verification like actual banking..,

Did you have this loan?
Did you live on this street?
What was the first car model?

So I created a Stripe account and uploaded the IRS proof of ID theft validation letter with mismatch photo ID. I have waited almost a year post court name change to continue collecting the info the thieves stole via paper and mail. On my birthday coming up I will get the Surname corrected on my State photo ID.

But this... is a pain in the **bleep** that I am being penalized as a victim of crime!