People don't read

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I always post the most relevant information: make, model, age, condition, cross streets, pickup conditions, etc.


And often I get questions for info that is already there. Now I know that many people have a very short attention span these days but can't they even ready 6 short lines of easy to understand text?


On top of that: I always start the description with: Please read the whole post before you respond.


I had people denying  categorically that the info was in the post while I was looking at it from my end. I even got into an argument with someone who flat out called me a liar.


The problem lies in the fact that many of them don't see, or don't bother to click on: Read more...

It seems that they are not familiar with it.


Is this just ignorance and/or lack of attention that we have to accept as a general problem or is there a way to make it more pronounced so people can't miss it?


I fear the worst. I also post on Craigslist saying: Email only, DO NOT ask me to call or text.

This week alone I had 6 people emailing me saying: Here is my phone #, call me.



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Indeed very annoying. I dont understand how it can say BLUE in the title, the photo shows blue. The description breaks it down to the shade of blue, but they still ask what color it is. How do you take the time to message, but not to even look at the item?? Seriously makes me lose my *blank!
These people also never say thank you or reply in any way. This ONLY happens on ou, not on any of the other 5 sites I sell on. It amazes me sometimes
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Sounds like the teenies... @RevivalGypsy
They are able to use OU under adult supervision, only... Lol
Instant/immediate gratification is their ONLY motivation.
Personally, have learned to respond to the canned responses with... 👍
IMO... a serious buyer will take the time to respond in their own words.
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Same, I dont bother with those messages. These are their own words.... lol
They actually ask these bs questions.
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Lol so true gir!
Btw... would kudo, but currently having an overlap issue with the Solution button 😆
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I experience the same issues, I’m simply tired of people asking “Hi, is this available?”, I then take time out of my busy day to respond right away because it’s the right thing to do, only to never get a response back. So so tired of people wasting my time. Then I get those who take 3 days to respond to each of my responses. Very aggravating.