People who gives u time and never show

Level 1
They all must be automatically should get lower ratting.
its not too hard u need a better programmer that can write code such as if the person either makes time to meet and usually close to the seller. why don't theyr check in at specific time at choosing location should automatically be handlelled by program so a person who tells you that at 7a.m meeting you he or she shows up. 5 min late it's ok if they come 20 min late don't appreciate ur time u should be automatically get message from the app to leave and not wait. And that person who didn't show should get warnings and after each 3 should be abandended by the app there is a lot more apps they can **bleep** it up this was better when it was only few people now homeless guy with gov. Phone is even selling iPhone cases and chargers lmao. Something has to be done about these people
I learned to give a close address around corner nearby like gas station or liquor store ,usually if there serious and they arrive there then I proceed to give address to item