Please clearly explain contradictory messages from OfferUp.

Ok, I made my first sale this week. The first thing I was told was that I had three days from accepting the offer to ship it out. I had the item packaged, labeled, and in the postal slot in 45 hours. Then the buyer checked tracking and was told the item hadn't shipped yet. I pointed out that OfferUp was saying it could be a 24- to 48-hour period before tracking updated, and advised patience.

Exactly 72 hours after I accepted the offer and a little over 24 hours since I mailed the package OfferUp sent a message saying I hadn't mailed the package yet and my time period was being "extended" by two days, but if it didn't get sent by then the sale would be cancelled and the buyer refunded.

1. Why is my tracking number not working?
2. If a seller has 3 days to ship and it can take 2 days to register, why is OfferUp threatening me on Day 3?
3. If OfferUp cancels my order, does tracking stop working? Will the buyer get his delivery without me knowing? As I lose $175 because I trusted this company.
4. Again, why isn't tracking working? This is a lot of money I am about to lose.
5. Where is customer service!?!
Community Helper
Did you use the shipping label provided by Offerup? If not, they have no way to track it and will cancel the sale. You can contact support at