Possible scam and how to avoid it in the future

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Hi all!
First I would like to say, I've had offerup for some time, but because of no success in the past I deleted the app and my account. I've since returned because I wanted to give it another try. Now that I'm back, I'm worried that a buyer is actually a scammer and I don't want to give personal information and it turns against me.
I'm currently trying to sell this futon I've owned but never really used. A potential buyer messaged me through the app requesting that I email her. I didn't see anything wrong with it, so I did. In the email she states that she's really busy and would like to buy it if it's still available. Then she says that she will send movers to pick it up and inspect it, and requires my full name, address, and number for a cashier's check to be sent and she will send the movers once the check has cleared. Two things that didn't sit right with me: needing my number and saying that she will wait for the check to clear.
I know you don't need a number to issue a cashier's check, unless some banks do it a little differently. I'm not sure why I would need to wait for a check to clear. The purpose of a cashier's check is the same as a money order; guaranteed money. In this case, she would have to wait for me to recieve the check, and I doubt that's what she really meant by "wait for it to clear".
In short, has anyone experienced this? I don't want to report and block an innocent user. I do want to protect myself and my sensitive information. The user is new to offerup, her profile is a picture of a beach and she's been a member since July (this month). Her email has a photo of her but it's still not enough to trust it.
Any advice???????? Please, and thank you.

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Always report fishy activities. Yes, this is a scam - do not fall for it.
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If buyer cant meet you locally - do not do the deal! In some cases, if buyer is located out of state - they need to use Offerup services (method of payment). Usually when a person uses words such as cashiers check, i’ll pay you extra for shipping, i am good with the offer... its probably a scam.

Does your buyer have TruYou certification? Or any ratings?
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Nope, the buyer does not have TruYou or ratings. I don't want to hold ratings against anyone because due to me deleting my account, I as well do not have ratings and my profile states I've been a member since 2017. I am TruYou verified which makes it a little different, though.
Should I report her email as well as her offerup account?
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-Ciao' @Mo_Town-

What I did to build my ratings "again" was purchase small items locally under 10-20$

+'s - You may make a friend that lives close by...Have done that ✔
- You can recover ratings quicker than waiting for a buyer to buy & rate! ✔
Much Success ☺👍
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Always report fishy activities. Yes, this is a scam - do not fall for it.
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Thank you! I will do this.
scammer big time
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That IS a scam. Steer clear
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Hi, I reported a fishy guy that was selling a brand new $2500 bag which he says he won off if deal dash. I asked him if I could see some of his own pictures, not the advertising pics he was using. At first he had no problem shipping this bag to me ( from California) until I started asking questions like “why don’t you sell this for $800-$1000 instead. Then all of a sudden he decided not to ship and that he’d rather show the bag to someone in person. I told him in my gut it was a counterfeit bag. His response was f*** you. I instantly made a report and blocked him. The next day , I got a warning from offerup stating they’ve received a complaint(s) and basically put me on probation. This morning I woke up to another email stating my account was terminated! I haven’t even been on for 4 days! They won’t tell me why either.
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hi @TunaTom welcome to the forum,,,,,,,,,,,im trying to understand your story,,,,,,,,,,first,,,,,,you are called tuna tom,,,,,but you are calling the guy fishy,,,that seems a little odd to me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,anyway this is what i get from your story,,,,,,,you talk to this guy about a bag that he wants 1000 for,,,,,,,,,he agrees that he can ship it,,,,,,,,,but then you want him to lower the price to 800,,,,,so hes pretty much turning your offer down and saying he will try to sell it to someone local in person,,,,,,,,,,,so you tell him you think its counterfeit and he tells you to f off and so you report him,,,,,,,,,for ?,,,,because you think its counterfiet,,,,,,,or for saying f off?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and then you get a warning,,,,,,,,was the warning for wht?,,,,,,something you said,,,,,,did they say,,,,did you ask?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ive never gotten a warning,,,,,,,i dont know how they work in the app,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,anyway,,,,,,you had a disagreement with the person,,,,,,,,,,have you had other disagreements while talking to others on the app?