Possible scam and how to avoid it in the future

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@TunaTom sounds like the seller reported your conversations as well, OfferUp will look into the issue and take the appropriate action. If you feel you need more information, I would recommend contacting OfferUp Customer care, you can also contact OfferUp through Facebook or Twitter if this option is available to you.

OfferUp Customer care,
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I would say that any time your gut reaction is that something's off....just walk away...it's not worth it. More than likely your intuition is right. There are plenty of futons ...so don't worry about her...offer up is designed to be easy and simple...any time it's that convoluted...something is wrong.
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BETTER SAFE THEN SORRY DONT DO IT ASK HER FOR HER NUMBER AND CALL HER ON A FREE PHONE LINE APP SHE IS SPAM OR IYS A SCAM THATS TO MICH DETAIL FOR A FOOTON AND WHAT IS THE PRICE FOR IT ? if it’s more than $100 it’s a scam if she can’t he ch or pay u deliver on here thn don’t do it it not orthodox it and i’m telling u i can tell a scammer spamer and more that is 80% scam in my book don’t give out any info name is ok but anything else he should provide u with any info u ask if she can’t SCAMER SHE IS
if they ask for a youchat or any free app to communicate with or email don’t give it to them i’ll tell u why once hey have your email or phone number they can spam u and sell off your number and email to advertisment its bs. people have tried every thing to rip me off i’m not selling anything else on here unless they met my scam check and cash it if they can’t give you there info then there not worth it . also i have had aid phone numbers and people say they don’t have a phone or give me yours they say So many scammers out there it’s ridiculous there should be a law if you scam u better scram i don’t trust any one and that’s sad but true . I MEAN NO ONE . used to get ripped off on everything every way u cb think and then some.
send me her email and i’ll find out everything u need to know about that person and we can take a bite out of crime .
sorry to hear that he was md becouse u were right hacker and scammer what’s his name and were is he located (city ) and the bf what’s it called ill investigate him and have him removed thats bullying and not your fault ofer up probably got that guy used friends or fake profiles to compline you off here what a (beep ) bless his heart he can’t help ripping people off is every ones carrier and when u ask questions they dont like that so why get mad ? becouse you ask they want easy people and asking is a good way of finding things out . that’s one way i know works i’m a potty good guy i want to see this guys info and i can point out many things just by what u said he did tells u what kind of person is like that . EVIL PERSON THATS who . SO SORRY I WERE TREATED THAT WAY ITS NOT Right
I understand very well how easy it can be to get taken in by a scammer. Actually this can happen to the buyer as easy as to the seller. You send the money and the product never comes, etc. A smart scammer would be sure to spend some time setting up a good reputation, true you,etc so the only real way to be sure is dealing personally in local area. It's sad that we have come to this...because there are honest ppl who are shut ins (knees messed up in an accident, can not hardly walk) or they live in smaller communities that have little or no choices, ie Hoquiam, Wa. So, while I understand sellers reluctance, I was excited that Offer up had expanded especially in the clothing area. I have completed several successful mailings with sellers before. But now, no one wants to do so...it saddens me.
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By the way, I tried to report, it sent me to an FBI page with literally pages for Mr to fill out. Time not on my side m Smiley Sad

Beware of the scam on buying goods and them giving an excuse as to why they are unable to meet to sell you this item, usually big ticket item, IE, car, truck, even jewelry. They say that they are using EBay to secure a payment and guaranty both parties at covered... Sounds legit right? NO NO NO.... EBay ONLY secures and guarantees payments or goods if you use EBay to sell/ buy an item.
If you arrange or find an item anywhere other than ebay, ebay WILL NOT cover or insure monies or the property.
And the scanners will actually send you an invoice stating facts from ebay.
It states for you to buy ebay gift cards, $2000 it how ever much item is, them they want you to scratch off and give them all the info.
I know the person was scamming me, do I played with them, making them explain things3-4 times, saying I receive the form, on and on... Maybe it was cruel, but I hate a thief.... God Bless you all,
Hope no one has fallen prey.
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Just because you have nothing on your page, allot of people use it for buying and for their business.
Hopefully people aren't judging, that is why you should meet in public. Safety always first.
Good luck to you. Smiley Wink