Possible scammer?

Had this happen to me. 503 area code as well and then another number. I unfortunately cashed the check but then thought better of it and contacted my bank. They investigated and found the check was fake. Now the guy is calling me a thief. I’m not responding to his texts. He has also deleted his offerup account and I’m not sure how to keep him from doing this to more people. I’ve definitely learned a big lesson and am lucky I figured it out before losing money.
Level 1
I received an almost identical offer. Red flags: it showed up as an Offer up message via my email, but the Offer up app had no record of a message. Cashier's check was red flag #2. #3: they were willing to buy the items without having seen them. Also, their attempts at wording were just off. Like Elian said "step ma'am" instead of step mom. The following email addresses were tied to this scam attempt:


And the scam began from this email:


Please feel free to forward this message to the Offer up Team!