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As a seller, I would like to see some kind of badge system/ power seller ranking system to build trust with buyers. Something like a badge on power seller ads and profile - so it helps buyers identify power sellers while browsing the ads and help building trust.
I ensure my buyers are happy with their purchase. I tend to do follow-ups after sale to make sure item is working perfectly and there is no issues. Currently I have 55 5 star ratings ( wish all buyers would have left feedbacks - that number would would surely be 100+). This will ensure all sellers to ensure they are providing the best customer experience.

I am sire Offerup team can come up with some kind of system that will differentiate legit/ serious sellers and scammers.

Just a suggestion but would love to see it incorporated.

@Elin ^^

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This is a great idea! We are definitely interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts on this topic. Our product teams and engineers LOVE hearing these great ideas!

What types of items do you sell?
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Hi @Mj_206, I sell electronics, kids toys, home stuff. Mostly I sell Brand new items.
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@Sood Absolutely! Like @Mj_206 has said, this is the type of feedback we love to see! 

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Bump! So more users can see this post and share their opinion.
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Similar topics have been brought up in the past.

I think TruYou in particular gives buyers the extra advange or peace of mind rather, that they are dealing with someone who is verified with their ID — so they'll be more or less accountable.

What will the badge symbolize?

Will it be based on the amount of transactions? Stars?

How would OfferUp track positive ones?


Would a comment + star system be better you think?
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Thank you.
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Badge can be representation of a member that is active in forums, has completed sales with no issues. Tru member badge is good to differentiate between legit seller and others. Similar type of badge(s) can be used to show other stregths of particular sellers also. As a seller the more power we have to advertise ourself as legit the better. As a buyer the more comfort they have while going through someones profile the better
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Love these ideas, @Sood! Especially love the badge idea for showing someone that is active in the forums! I imagine that would also boost registrations here in the forums Smiley Happy