Price Manipulation

I need assistance. I'm new to the forum and can't find this subject anywhere. I've been selling on OfferUp for a few years and have twenty years of Ebay experience under my belt though, but some of the rules I've been hit with recently have been nothing short of ridiculous. I have appealed all of them and won; however, most recently I was accused of price manipulation. I have asked for further clarification, but I have only recieved the information below:

Thank you for writing in about your Yellow Sparkle Tulle Fabric - 4 yards x 56" inches.

Per our Posting Rules, please do not use price manipulation to manipulate search results. If you continue to do so, your account may be removed due to non-compliance of our posting rules.

Do y'all have ANY idea what they could possibly be referring to? I don't want to break the rules. I need help figuring out how to comply and what the issue is.

Thanks in advance!
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Normally when it comes to price manipulation what they're referring to is people listing items for sale at a lower price than what they're actually selling the item for for example people list cars for $1 when they're actually selling the car for 4000 thus hopefully getting more people to read the ad but as far as offer up is concerned that's price manipulation. The main thing to keep in mind is make sure when you're posting that the price you put is actually the price you want.
Thanks for the information. That's fascinating considering a Google search would show them it isn't. Tulle is extremely inexpensive even purchased by the bolt or yard. 🤷‍♀️ Other fabric is a different story. Additionally, I have five or six lots of tulle and they only singled out the yellow.

I feel like I'm being harassed when I CONSTANTLY have my feed flooded with prohibited items. I reported a guy selling a puppy THREE times before they removed it. They still haven't removed someone selling a pony that I reported. I've seen prostitution, sex toys, pyschics, scams of all kinds, food in every language, but I'm attempting to be ethical and follow the rules and I get threatened for listing stuff like hair mousse (they said it was medicine) and Cricut cartridges (they claimed were edible).🤦‍♀️

Thanks for letting me vent.
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No problem the app doesn't always make sense and the odds are that something in the algorithm was triggered and sent you that message in wasn't an actual person considering only about 200 people work for offer up And they literally have tens of thousands Of post. The prohibited items are definitely annoying and I know for every one you see they probably remove 10 or 12 automatically but people still seem to find ways to get around the system Which sucks But what can I say some people just like to work outside the rules. Either way welcome to the community and feel free to reach out any time you have a problem the question normally somebody here well have experienced it before and can give you some help.