Pricing laptops and Computers

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Okay, I'm selling a laptop for $785 that I bought for $999 a year and a half ago and it is in very good condition. Does this sound like a reasonable asking price?
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How to price a PC you are selling or buying:
- look up each component on eBay
- select "sold listings"
- take the sold price average of each component and add them up. That's generally a fair price. If it's a super clean build or has other exceptions, that can typically be factored into the sale/purchase price.

At least that's how I do it.
This is very true. However, u can increase the chances for a sale and avoid giving away fully functional electronics by focusing (or refocus) your target buyer. A good tip is to tune your descriptions and simplify your verbage, e.g. less tech specs and give ideas about the relevant usability of the device. a working laptop is still worth $100 to someone who NEEDS it, regardless of aesthetic appeal or technical features. Compare it to the alternative, which is subjective to the buyer. Hope this adds some insight. thx