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I’ve been building computers from scratch since the “Stone Age of Computers” One of the most common pricing errors I see with people selling laptops, computers and phones is the fact you must realize this “Technology does not hold value”

Too many times I’ve seen sellers charging the same amount the bought the item for 2,4,8 years later.

Technology does not hold value after the first or second year with a few exceptions with items like iPad and iPhone which do tend to hold value longer than most typical electronic & computer products.

Technology is constantly evolving meaning there is something new coming out each year. So that laptop you bought two years ago isn’t going to be much now as it was back then.

Compare it to driving a car off the dealership lot after you first buy or lease, right away the value is depreciated because you are already putting miles on the car

When you price an item compare first to what others are selling either it be individual seller or big websites like Amazon. Example: laptop from Walmart sold for $199 a year ago brand new, After you’ve used it a year later it’s only going to be a fraction of what it’s worth depending on the condition it’s in and if something even newer came out after it. So let’s say this laptop has a ton of cosmetic damage, that would devalue the item to around $75-85 dollars. Many people looking for a item that’s in descent shape, the other thing is the laptop functioning? Or showing signs of aging? All of these things determine the price of what a laptop or consumer electronic sells for

So when you are selling think a fraction of the cost and don’t be disappointed if someone offers you a low offer.
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WOW @Infosec!! What an incredibly helpful post! Thanks for all of this information. There are so many people that sell laptops, computers, phones, electronics, etc... 

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I try to basically give away my stuff and it's still hard.  I had a new in the box CPU I bought (wrong socket).  It was a few years old.  Saw it still selling for ~$250.  I offered it for $100.  No takers.  Lowered it to $50.   Finally gave it to a friend that had an old machine that could use it.


Had a laptop taht was a few years old.  Paid like $800 or so (?).  Offered it for $100.  Nothing.  Decided to donate it. 


The last electroinc that I was able to sll is my WRT 1900AC router.  Sold it for $20 or so.  About 1/5th of what it goes for.


Ah, also, I currently have a set of speakers.  2.1, THX, paid $300, I see them sell for $225 used.  I offered it for $100, even $75.  Paid for upgaded placement.  Nothing.  And I'm downtown SD so pretty dense area. 

I agree that the only thing decent to sell is Apple products.  I see people selling 2018 the base Macbook airs for over $1000 (Apple sells for $1199 but vendors will sell for $999 at times).  So with apple stuff sometimes it's MORE than you can buy new.

The only issue with selling apple stuff (for me) is the onslaught of lowballs.  I had an apple watch that I saw sellign for ~$275 on ebay. I listed it for $250.   I got 10000 messages offering $175 or less.  I finally removed it and listed it on ebay.  Sold it for $265


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Great post info @Infosec!
Anyone know the best Environmentally friendly way to dispose of electronics in general?
Thanks in advance! 😉
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Yep, contact me some how and I'll take them off your hands. I scrap them entirely.
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Please message me if you are into art and recycling electronics.
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Your best bet is to find a recycling facility near you. Make sure that any facility you deal with is performing proper data management including either DOD 502 wiping of the drives or physical destruction and can provide a certificate of hard drive destruction to make sure your data is not exposed. We run a facility here in Phoenix Agape computer and electronics recycling that deals with large corporate e-waste and homeowner e-waste with a focus on zero landfill impact and EPA compliance . feel free to message me if you'd like to know what to be looking for in an electronics recycling facility.
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Will definitely reach out to you @Agapecer!

Have older model phones, laptops, gaming systems,etc...

Wanting to dispose of them properly, with the least amount of Environmental impact!

Your knowledge is very much appreciated, and the 🌎Environment thanks you too, Agapecer!

You know what's worse than listing it for todays price on Amazon or other large retailers?  When they use PC Part Picker as an appraisal tool.


PC PART PICKER IS NOT AN APPRAISAL TOOL, LOL!  Whenever I see screenshots of PC Part Picker next to pics of a used gaming computer I cringe.  SMH.  And they JUST DON'T GET IT.


Old parts and motherboards can actually go up in price because of scarcity and they use those prices too.  LOL.


The easy way to get a rough idea of value, go look at closed/sold items on ebay that are identical to yours.  I look for an average on the latest 10.  If they're really old sales, they're probably not relevant anymore.  Don't compare your i5 OptiPlex 3010 to the i7 version.  


Want more views on your computer?  Don't just list the model number.  That means nothing to most people.  List the basics.  Give them something to use a basis for comparison.  Then give them an idea of what it can be used for.


"This PC is great for productivity!" - because it doesn't have a GPU in it.... things like that.


"This is a great fortnite starter PC" - because it has a low tier Nvidia GPU that can run 60FPS at some detail level.  If they have to go look up the stats or benchmarks, you lost them already.


Meat and potatos tech specs in the description.  "i5 Computer" is not good enough.  


Intel Core i5-3470 3.2 GHZ Quad Core


256GB Solid State Drive (SSD)


400W PSU

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Welcome to the community, @AnthonyPatino!! What an awesome, and incredibly helpful, post! This is some great info for anyone selling electronics!