Question about archiving

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Hello, if I archive an item that someone has messaged me on will that person lose our message thread? I have stuff I want to archive but a couple people messaged me on them and said they would get back to me later and I don’t want them to lose our conversation. 

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Short answer, no. They will not loose the message chain.

If you archive a post it will a. remove the ad itself and b. messages on your end as well UNTIL the ad is brought back.

Any customer who has inquired about the item prior to the archieve, will still be able to message you — yes.

Once anyone messages the unlisted ad, they will bring back or 'revive' the thread for everyone else on OfferUp to see.
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@goblin Thank you! That was perfect! 

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Question. When tapoitathe archive folder to look at your archived items, do you get in right away or do you get a message after watching the green cirle spin that seems like forever just to keep getting another message to try back later? I have better things to do than to watch a spinning circle. Personally, I think it's because we have so much junk in our archive folder that we can't delete therefore it takes up so much room that we can't get back into for sometime. Very discouraging!

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I think it's that your device is struggling with the app in regards to the actual command task.


Offerup is using AWS, and Amazon's S3 level service can handle 1000's of business utilizing beyond 500 petabyes. In short, storage is not an issue. Believe it or not, until about 2 years ago even DropBox used AWS.

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I unlisted an item to repost it and then sold the repost. Now someone is reviving my unlisted item (which I no longer have) because they messaged me again (over a month after our last contact.)
Do I need to mark the unlisted item "sold" to make it go away permanently?
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@Rainfall7 I honestly would. It's up to you.
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In short, yes. Once the item is marked sold you will no longer get new offers on it and it will remain archieved. Only those with whom you had previous interactions will be able to message you, which they most likely won't after it's marked.