Question on editing a listing to reduce to the price later vs starting low on original list creation

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First off, I'd like to say after detailed trials of similar apps (5miles, Letgo, OfferUp, etc) from an efficiency and UI perspective, OfferUp is BY FAR the best app of it's kind. I completely stick to OfferUp now and nothing else to save time which is great given the results so far.


However, there is one thing I was curious about in terms of best approach or tips when trying to sell. Unlike the other apps, I noticed OfferUp DOES NOT allow you 'bump' or refresh your listing back to the top for free after a week has passed. As a result, this brings me to the following questions

  1. If you edit an EXISTING listing lets say a week later or more to reduce the price, will that then bump/refresh the listing so that it re-appears to the top when sorted by 'Newest First'?
  2. IF the answer to question #1 is that it will NOT refresh the listing after reducing the price, then from a seller perspective in trying to get the most activity from a listing (increase chances to sell), is there an advantage to starting the price low initially when creating the listing as oppose to editing it later?
    • I presume that if I reduce the price of an existing listing later, and it does not refresh back to the top, it sounds like the post will hardly ever be seen since it's so long ago or old now and editing to reduce the price will do very little. In fact, it almost sounds like it's more advantageous to create an entirely new listing of the same item except with the new lower price. However the downside to this would be that now it requires double the effort and a loss in time to repost/finding photos again/manage listings.


Please correct me if I'm wrong on this thought process or if you know the answers to these questions.

Thank you for your time to read this and help out.

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To answer question one, it doesnt. However, if someone has favorited your item, it will let them know that the proce was reduced. I usually double the price that I want because I know people tend to lowball me for roughly half of the asking price. On some items, I will list the lowest price I will go just so people have leverage when messaging me and they know what to expect from me.
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hmm that's really interesting then. So then there seems to be some strategy when creating a posting in terms of immediately giving the lowest you are willing to sell vs listing it higher to anticipate counter offers (higher activity initially but possibly lower desired selling price or potentially lose out on activity for a more desired selling price).


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What a well thought out question!
I will answer based on my own perspective.
The answer to question 1 is No, it does not bump it up. The only way a perspective buyer will know that a price reduction was made is if they saved your listing. Even then, unless the reduction is drastic, they are not notified and see it only by going back to their saved items. I have have had 0% success with that approach.
The best way, imo, is to copy details/archive/relist as new. Often times just relisting at the same price draws in a new set of buyers and you dont lose money.
As far as listing lower, you must be prepared for now even lower offers than you previously may have gotten. People see a price, even if it is worth 10x asking, they always make an offer. Offer Down, I believe that buyers think that is what "offer up" means.

I dont accept offers. My approach is to start at my bottom line to entice. It may not be an approach for everyone, but it works for me. I am not a haggler and just decline offers entirely. I have never sold an item on offerup that was negotiated first. I hold out for "true buyers" and although it may take longer, I am okay with that.
If you try it a few different ways, you will find your groove. Always relist. Even if stats tell you that 500 people saved your item. It means nothing really. If they wanted to buy they would have.
Best of luck
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Thank you for the response and clarification! This helps a lot and will definitely try your tips. However, may you please clarify what you mean when you say 'relist' or 'relist as new'? Did I presume right in that you were referring to the 'Sell another' option on the app? And if so, that option copies everything over except the photos. Do you just scroll down your phone to re-find the photos or is there an easier way to relist as you mentioned?

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@aidenholly lol your response was not there when I replied.
Yes all of what @aidenholly said
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@ray3888 when she says relist, she means after you archive, I wouldn't mark sold unless actually sold, you hit the camera icon and go through the process again. I have pictures usually on my phone ready to go. Sell another copies over everything but pictures. You can either take pictures with the app or have them in your camera scroll.
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@RevivalGypsy i tend to type short and quick and to the point lol.
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Right, that's what I was afraid of with the relisting and redoing photos again. Sometimes its a lot of scrolling down past newer photos to be able to reselect original photos of the items, especially so if you have more than a few items you're trying to sell. I was just seeing if that tip had an easier way to fully copy full posting (including photos). But I suppose for now this will do.


Thank you to you both for the response and clarification.

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One further tip, create albums or folders for items for sale in your gallery. That way you can do things faster and just delete entire album after item sells