Question on editing a listing to reduce to the price later vs starting low on original list creation

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Hello @ray3888


In short.


1. No.


2. Giving your lowest price up front can help, but it honestly depends

a. if people currently have a need or want for said item

b. item condition and presentation

c. how popular the item is


The front feed helps, but it isn't as essential to making sales as one may think.


If someone has favorited your item they will be notified of the drastic discount.


I can totally understand the impulse to get the most views and sell faster, but you will definitely experience highs and lows or even have an item that is a slow seller, this is normal.




Couple things here, you should be able to repost after a week or two.


As you stated what you can do is take another photo maybe with a different background and slightly different title.


Tedious... of course, but that's the only option currently available to us or promote.


Reposting frequently can cause your account to be ghosted or banned so be wary.


Give it a week or two, I'm confident there will be no issues.


If you believe your ads are being ghosted contact support.


Ghosting (ed) means your ads not showing up under your profile page or when searched for.




When something is posted for the first time you get some 'show time' in the main feed and people scrolling by can maybe catch a glimpse of something they may be interested in.


Usually only a couple minutes, so not really enough time unless someone scrolls for a while.


This is great yes, but people often know what they want and are very specific about it.


Most sales appear to be searched for much like anywhere else after the item is lost to the void, BUT not its category.




The idea of free bumps is great in theory but bad in practice in my opinion.


Imagine 200+ people free bumping their items at almost the same time.


Eventually you would just see more of the same, especially in the front feed.


That was my experience on those other platforms you mentioned and since many categories are more popular here, it would make a feature like that so much more of a mess.


This is one subject where I do differ from others and that is completely fine.


We don't all have to agree all the time. Cheers.