Quick Tips for a GREAT Product Description

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Ready to start selling? Here's some quick tips on getting started!


As sellers on OfferUp, we all want to sell our unused or unwanted items efficiently, fast, and make some extra money! Now you might be asking yourself, how you can achieve selling your items fast and efficiently. Well my friends, here are a few quick tips for you! 


You might have the coolest gadgets and gizmos on OfferUp. However, if your product description is lacking, your item might be overlooked. So let's go over a few things to help you sell your products successfully!


Regardless of the items you're selling, there are a few standard things you should include in your sale post. For starters, you definitely want to include clear, clean pictures of the item you're selling. As discussed in this board post, the pictures of your product or item will be one of the biggest selling features. However, it's not the only important thing when selling your products. You should also include a description of your product and include commonly asked questions your potential buyer might have. By providing a great description, it lets your buyer know that this product meets their needs and that you're serious about selling this item. It also helps to prevent potential buyers from blowing up your inbox with all of the same questions. Now don't get me wrong, you might still get questions (even if you do include specifics in the description). Unfortunately, some people just don't take the time to read, which brings me to my next point. Keep it short and sweet. You don't have to give a long drawn out description of the item you're selling unless it would be a reason for someone to buy it. For instance, it might be worth the time to describe where the item was from or the background of the item if it was an antique or collectible.


If you're selling sets of products or multiples of the same product, be sure to specify the price is for each product or if the price includes the entire set. If you are selling a set of products, be sure to list exactly what is included in the price of the product.  


Quick Tips on What to Include in Your Product Description:


  1. What are you selling? (If you're selling multiples or sets, provide a list of what is included for the price.)
  2. What condition is this item in? (New, used, lightly-worn, like-new, open-box, etc.)
  3. How old is this item? (Let your buyers know how long this product has been used.)
  4. Are there any specific dimensions or size of your product? (Size: S/M/L/XL, L x W x H, etc.) 
  5. What color is your product? (Color, shade, variation, pattern, etc. This is nice if it's hard to see a pattern in the picture.
  6. What's your experience with the product? (If you've previously used this item or others have used this item, let your buyers know your experience so they know how great or useful it may be for them.)

These are just a few ideas of things to include in your product description.

Just remember, K.I.S.S. - keep it short and simple.

What's your favorite trick of the trade that you include in your product descriptions to get your items to sell? What do you think works the best to sell your items or products?


About me: Who am I? I'm Risa. I've been selling various types of products on eBay and OfferUp for the last 2 years. We're in the process of revamping our online store and will be liquidating our inventory. We'll have plenty of cool stuff for sale in the next few weeks. You can check it out here.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on my website.


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OfferUp employee

Thank you for sharing this with the community @rocketrisa! What great tips!! 

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OfferUp employee

Thank you for sharing this with the community @rocketrisa! What great tips!! 

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Community Manager

Wow, Risa, these are some awesome tips! 


Including a detailed description is my key to successful selling. I used to put simple descriptions on my items and would receive a ton of messages just asking more about the item, and very rarely was I able to complete the sale. Once I started adding better descriptions, I received fewer messages asking for more information about the item and receive more offers! Another tip would be to only include relevant keywords to your description.

OfferUp employee

@Mj_206 That's great. Definitely important to include detailed descriptions of your items. The more details, the better and will increase your chances at selling items!

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I see this all the time as a prospective buyer, sellers not including the size of an article of clothing. And the misspelling of words. I know I have spellchecker and wow it works. Or I will use speak to text, it always works. Ok I will hop off the soapbox.
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Very helpful tips Its not every day you hear other people helping out strangers . I'll let you know how sale goes
OfferUp employee

@mommomv17 This community is VERY helpful in helping strangers and friends and all in between Smiley Happy Let us know how your first sale goes! 

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I couldn't agree more on the value of a good description. As a seller I try to include any model number (especially with tools or electronics) that an item may have, not only to assist the buyer but hopefully (and its not always the case) to save me from answering a lot of the same question about the product from potential buyers.

As a buyer nothing is more frustrating than looking for a cell phone for example, finding one in the price range I'm looking for and tapping it to see "Black Samsung phone" or even "Black cell phone" I waste the buyers time who has to read and reply to my message, and waste my time sending a message and waiting for a reply for information that could easily be provided in the description that lets the buyer know immediately if it is a purchase they are interested in.
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I have only been using this app for about a week or so. I have put alot of stuff up so far mostly clothing. I do put a very detailed description of the items and people still ask questions I have in the description it's so frustrating
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I find that no.matter how much information you provide some people Will still ask stupid questions