Quick Tips for a GREAT Product Description




As a buyer, I will sometimes ask a question like "What is the length (in inches) of your "Piece of String?" as a polite alternative to what it first occurred to me to say when I saw a hopelessly inadequate description.

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Thanks for the post. What you write is obvious, but many don't do it! Good post!
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You answerd my questions
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Welcome to the community, @Anglewings! Glad this post helped! Smiley Very Happy

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@Enchanticals @Anglewings, Welcome to Community Forum, Leaves comments and give somes Kudos earns somes badges along the way. Quick tips: Be sure to using tag @ in front of the username to get swift respond like I did on above. Are you buy/sell OfferUp on app? Do check out latest post in this Community Forum for all type of topics by members forum.
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Sweet Tips! I like the K.I.S.S.! Thanks!
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Thank you so much for sharing @rocketrisa. Very helpful tips for new and veteran sellers.
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I am glad to provide positivity in my approach. Thank you for your acknowledgment, means the world to me.
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Great tips!!