Quick Tips for a GREAT Product Description

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I sell a little on eBay (100% positive) & several other apps & I cannot express enough how important adding dimensions/size is! PLEASE! I find on most selling sites, 8 out of 10 do NOT include the size! (soo frustrating😕)
Especially items that most would need a size like for a table, 48”w? 60”? or a bed, full? queen? etc..Also, important to take as many (clear) photos as allowed, truly helps a sale!! Please, include if there is obvious damage or flaw that could affect the ability to use the item when they get it home!
(personally, if it’s something electric, I have seller plug it in right then & there because once you pay for it is yours. Reason; Poor unclear photos or non-disclosure, a buyer didn’t see that dent or chip, so drives to meet up and is now disappointed & worse, doesn’t buy it Though you can opt to renegotiate price..(seller loses $$ in the end so best to disclose a flaw that could change possibly change buyers mind ahead of time. I’m sure most would agree it would be a waste of time & not very honest.
That being said, as a buyer , ask questions if info is not disclosed! Not talking about every little bump or scratch, remember the item IS used!...buyers can expect some imperfections if item is not new. I hope this helps any new seller or buyers. Have a wonderful day everyone
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Welcome to the community, @Pookie01! Great post - tons of awesome info!

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Thanks for the great advice! Just starting using this app, very excited to started😁
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I'm new to this site. Great tips. Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks for the help.