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How do I delete items from my quick save board please help! Most items have already been sold, unlisted or I no longer have any interest in.
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Go to the item. Hit the save button and click the board you saved it on. That should remove the item from your boards.
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@Cokie0324 Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum
Cokie0324 here the step by step instructions below. 😎🇬🇧🔚

Remove an item from your Board the same way you added it: Tap the red heart icon or the Saved button.

1 Log in to the OfferUp app
2 Tap Offers, go to the Boards tab, and open the Board you saved the item to
3 Open the item you want to remove
4 Tap the  heart or the Saved button
5 Tap the checkmark next to the Board you want to remove it from