Random $1 charges from OfferUp???

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I have recently been using offerup to research the nationwide selling tab and have found things I wanted to purchase, just yesterday I have started to recieve $1 charges to my card (3 in total) without any sort of idea why. Anyone have any idea why this would be happening?

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Hmm, we don't have any add-on features that are $1. Have you been able to get in touch with the Customer Care team yet? I'm wondering if they were temporary authorization charges? 

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The same thing is happening to me!  I have made several offers on items using the nationwide shipping feature.  Each time I make such an offer, OfferUp charges my the credit card I have on file $1 which is listed as a "soft authorization."  Most of my offers have lapsed (with the sellers never accepting them).  In a few cases, sellers have removed the listings.  My question is when do I get this money back?   Even in cases where the sellers accept my offer, and I my card is charged for the full cost of the item plus shipping, the $1 charge remains.  WHAT IS THIS ABOUT????  If they are temporary charges, when does OfferUp activate the process so that I get my $ back?  

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You should call your card company and discuss the charge you see with them. Find out if it's an actual charge or just an authorization to move forward, prior to purchase. In other words, these are used to test the validity of the card before it allows you to move forward with the sale. However, the actual charge may have not gone through. Your card company can explain the case. Then notify OfferUp Customer Care if need be.

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Just saw this today. I did make an offer on an item yesterday and it expired. Not cool to charge my card $1...hoping it gets returned.
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Staciesplace These are soft-authorizations, They occur each time you make an offer with shipping. They typically clear up within 48 hours at the latest. They aren't actual charges. It's like checking your credit card to make sure it's good.😎🇬🇧🔚