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I see I'm not the only person who have flakes say they want an item and then don't even have the courtesy to respond once I acknowledge that the item is still available and then ask them when and where do they want to meet.

I pursue them at least 3 times about 30 minutes to 1 hour after that initial interest response.

Can you ask the developers to: 1) add an option to rate these flakes as a presale no-response?

Right now I'm not rating them as an OTHER because of their vindictive repercussions.

I do give a bad rating if they agree to meet and then don't show up.

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At what point would you rate others in such a way Spohnski? Before a transaction? During your chat?

The main issue with such a system is that users could abuse it to downvote people who they don't like, competition etc.

Say it happens to you.

You contest it, now OfferUp would need to waste resources looking into that, review chat logs, etc.

Mind you, you won't be the only one in such a position, the paperwork will pile up. It may take months for your case to be heard.

Find ways to limit this outcome and don't rely on a potential buyer.

This may sound pesimistic, but just assume everyone is a flake and don't meet super far or where they prefer.

Set the time frame and place closeby, if they don't show up then you've allocated that time proper.

You can always report and block the user.

Run an errand in the same area if you don't meet at home whenever possible.

If you're a buyer stay on top of it and show your interest, ask questions, align schedules, ask for updates and confirmation.

A comment system that's only available to well rated users (50+) who are in good standing, seems more viable.

You will have the experience and can be trusted in that scenario.

They need some new videos explaining proper business ettiquette to the newbies with poor communication skills.

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The OfferUp team is always trying too improve the app all the time. Yes this happens a lot and I’m sure they are aware of the problem and are working to address these kinds of issues. The team just released new features that I’m sure you have noticed in people profile page. Yes I will pass on your concerns. thanks for sharing.
Thank you HotRod.
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Your welcome.
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@TimsNewAndUsed Thanks so much for venting and trusting us to listen. It is something we're working on to fix with our new profile. Don't ever feel bad to rate people who don't follow through. They don't follow our guidelines and that's not what we're about Smiley Happy

Thank you @Elin. I'm feel like I'm still new to OfferUp and I don't want to come off as a hard nosed pragmatist.

Thank you for affirming my intentions to helping OfferUp reach its potential.

Thank you and @Hotrod for generously mentoring and coaching me.
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You’re welcome, we always try to help.
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I just got back from driving nearly an hour in traffic only for the guy not to show up. My question is if I give him a bad rating (which I don't know how to do) can he give me a bad review out of spite? I'm just **bleep** I wasted gas and time with the wife. Is there a way to block him also because I do not want to reply with something I'll regret in the future
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Hi @Dertysandals I’ve totally been there my self waiting and no one shows up,
Yes it’s possible for him to mark you as the buyer even if you didn’t buy the item. But I do believe when you report someone it’s private and the seller will not know that you reported him.
To report someone you just tap on the person photo or username, it we take you to the persons profile and items for sale page. From there go to the top right tap on report, then give your information why your reporting. and when you do that you will get the option to block that person from contacting you in the future. One more thing, if you want someone to answer you in the forum just put @ in front of their username like this @Hotrod hope this helps you.😊
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The the worst thing you can do is over reply to someone. I know if someone over replies to me it shows them being too anxious and I start to feel like I'm getting bullied into buying something.