Rating boosters

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Just wanted to give a heads up, to watch out for these types of people. They usually have no profile pictures, with a huge postitive rating behind them. The reason this can occur is because one person can buy and re-sell anything to close friends for no money, thus being able boost their ratings up very easily.


Very shady people, so be very careful when dealing with them. They'll often try to get a lower price out of you, but I normally just reply with "Firm price listing" then ignore any other messages if they continue to haggle you.


Be safe out there, and happy early holidays.

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Just dealt with 2 high rated users with over 100+ ratings who trolled me, 1 was an obvious booster.  Me being desperate to sell my current item, I took the bait.  Luckily, I don't leave the house until I get a message from the buyer stating that he/she is at the meeting spot.  I'd say to also check out their follower count as well.  One of them had 100+ ratings but only 2 followers and an equal amount of compliments (i.e Reliable - 40, Nice - 40, On Time - 40, etc.)  Also, I think their Buy/Sell ratio could also expose them as well.  This person only had 3 sales and 100+ "purchases", seems suspicious to me.