Ratings and reviews

Level 1
I like this app but I have a major problem with not being able to write a review or read reviews from others. I just don’t want to know how many stars they have I want to know why and I want to read what others have to say and I want to be able to say specific things for others to benefit or watch out for. It’s annoying to me. What do you guys think?
Level 9

@LH414  Hi and welcome to OfferUp. If your talking about rating someone when selling or buying. I believe it’s, If you sell something then you can rate that person. If you buy something then you have to wait until they rate you. If your looking at the stuff for sale then all you have to do to see the ratings for that person is to click on the picture or avatar then there ratings will show. It will give you some info about that person but not everything your asking for. We have been asking for a way to rate people who are no shows or no reply. As far as I know, they are working on it.