Re: How to handle a flakey seller?

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As a buyer have you ever changed your mind last minute and backed out of a deal? Even though you agreed on the time and price. She told you ahead of time that her nephew sold the item - dont come.
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Hi, same thing happened to us. We offered full price for a table base and made plans to meet. We contacted him to get the address and he responded with a phone number. We called and called and no answers. His voicemail was always full.  After two days of calling and messaging, I get on here and he sold it to someone else.  I'm not to keen on buying on here after that.  Very rude and bad business.  This guy had a 5 star rating.  I guess the rating don't mean much either

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Why would you proceed with the transaction IF ther seller did not return your calls or text you back with any type of confirmation even after the multiple calls? Were you just hoping that he would magically appear without a word?


There are 2 sides to every transaction. People use the app to their advantage and at their convenience, since it is a free app.

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First of all we DID GET A CONFIRMATION.    And yes! I don't know what his side of the story is so don't judge me.  I can only vouch for the fact that his flaked out on a deal.    Have a nice day

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I am VERY new here, and have already had two sellers (looking like three now) do the same thing. I have a limited time to buy a good vehicle or lose the salvage contract (lose nearly a thousand dollars. Twice I have ound great vehicles, and have cash...both times when finally ready to go on the day I said, no notiiication until I checked the site and the earlier ad says sold. Now a 3rd. Sent message, have cash, where could we meet up (the location function doesnt work, keeps showing places over 100-150 miles away when I try to narrow it down to local, it makes no dierence) and I too, have physical limitations so a 300 mile round trip or nothing is a bit more than I really expected. But you;re right, Integrity, honesty and ethics are vital regardless o buying, selling or in lie itself.  

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This is an easy answer - delete your messages/him and forget it. He’s not interested.