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But I have no luck I want to sell my baseball cards but it has not gotten far yet

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That's more of a niche item.

Don't know if collectors browse OfferUp often.

Try linking people to your profile whenever possible to increase sales on these types of items.

Other items that sell slower are clothes / shoes / generally household item / makeup


On a side note, I'm pretty sure I replied to this thread and now my previous comment is gone... Why?any Admin?
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Baseball cards are an extremely tricky business. Unfortunately in the late 80s and early 90s there was a frenzy around baseball cards after the Ty Cobb tobacco card sold for record price. Most of the cards from that era are worth almost nothing complete sets from 1990 sell for about $2 if you're lucky. The stuff that will always sell with baseball is 1970 back and newer card from more limited edition sets. It's kind of a harsh lesson that a lot of collectors learn including myself. At the peak of my collection I had about 1.5 million cars I whittled it down some over the years to about 750,000 LOL long story short if you're looking to make money with baseball cards stick the 1970s and before 2000 and after and Relic cards like jerseys autographs baseball bats ECT you can always use Beckett to check the value but I honestly like seeing what things are selling for online then pricing them a little bit lower to encourage quick sales
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Hello @Tyer,

First let me say welcome to OfferUp. Take the time to navigate and find your way around the forums where you will find amazing and useful information. While in the forums be sure to join the conversations, ask questions, share, hand out a kudo or two (thumbs up), earn badges and enjoy.

You have received some good advice. How long have you been trying to sell these baseball cards? Are your pictures good quality?

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@goblin- Watch it! You are stepping on my toes when talking about the slow moving household items. I am slow but steady.  Smiley Happy

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didn't mean to 🙃 I have a friend who also sells general household things like new toothbrushes / blankets / kid toys in the past, basing it off her experience
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@goblinNo worries...  I just had to attempt to tease you. 

You speak the truth.

Household items and collectibles move slowly. I deal with estate items which is a combo of collectibles, vintage, and slightly used/new items. 

I am in the slow lane but I am happy here for now.

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New...good..very good an a few graded ones to