Re: Scammed!

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I wanted to share my recent experience with a Scammer. To make the story Shorter... I communicated with these guys by the name of “ERICK&JOSH.. So Called.. The guy Erick showed interest in my Chair w/Ottoman.. We agreed on the Price. He mentioned, Erick that He would send Me a Cashiers Check Through the Mail. Days later I did in fact receive the Cashiers Check. Prior to him sending it. He indicated that He would be sending $1200.. The $900 would be sent to the Movers.. The balance being $300, minus the amount for my Set which was $200.. So that would leave Me $100.. The $100 was for Me, for my Good Deed for sending the $900 to the Movers... Minus the Fee for sending the balance to his So Called Mover.. Through Walmart to Walmart..
I sent to balance to this mover.. Which was in Texas.. They verified the amount I sent with Me. They even Thanked Me.. 😡🤦🏽‍♀️ Wow!!
Told Me that the mover would contact Me the next day.. Ok fine I replied...

Well the next day came. N the next few days came., Never heard from the guys.. Only to discover that the Cashiers Check they sent to Me. N that I cashed.. Was returned.. How??????!!! Unbelievable!!!
I went to my bank. Explained everything in details.. Nothing could be done because it was a Cashiers Check.. So my bank took Allllll of my Money out of both my Accounts. In order to recoup there’s... Still Owing my bank $245.00 rite now.. Of Course I don’t have it! Because I was Scammed!!!

I did contact one of our local Police. I do have a Police Report...The officer Came to my house. I showed him Everything I kept.. Explained the situation.. They are fully aware of these Scams goin On... Sooo We shall see what becomes of this...

Thanks for listening guys...

Please Everyone!!! Be Careful Be Alert!! Cuz there pretty Good at this Crap!!
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@JMichelle--It's unfortunate that you had this type of experience. There are numerous posts/forum discussions about this same/similar type of scam. The best technique is to interact/meet up in person, cash transactions. If you are incline to ship, communicate only through the app & ensure that both parties agree on the price, shipping fees, etc. that way things are less likely to go wrong. Thank you for sharing your experience.