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Eugene and Springfield do have a common problem with the pool of buyers on this app, though. Which I'm not sure whether it is unique to our area. I regularly have people to extreme lowballing or telling me why my pricing, that has market research influence, is totally unbased and stupid. Even after declining they continue to repeatedly send me the same low price haggle and get mad when I don't repeat my response or tell them to stop. I also have people regularly offer me drugs, from weed to methamphetamines, and no matter the substance people also get mad and aggressive when declined from this type of haggling. So while there is some expected decorum for sellers, quite a large portion of buyers in our area ( to put it bluntly) need to pull their heads out of their asses and act like respectable adults if they want the same respect.
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@PEMiller welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,
This kind of behavior is not appropriate, and against the OfferUp guidelines. there’s a lot of crazy trolls out there, they just like to get honest people frustrated and always trying to keep conversations going, don’t respond just report this kind of behavior, so the OfferUp team can investigate these people, and take the appropriate action. in doing that you will also have the option to block them from contacting you in the future.
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Hi @PEMiller, like @Hotrod said, that behavior (offering drugs, harassing, etc.) is absolutely not allowed on our platform. Please report these users through the app if you ever come across them so our Customer Care and Trust & Safety teams can look into their accounts and take the appropriate action. Thank you for letting us know! 

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It is BS, Ive had more than my share of the same crap.


Same problem in Bakersfield ca a bunch of lowballers or you haggle back and forth come to a price and its either a no show or they say oh that's not what I want ! Hell they have looked at the pictures it second hand people like I paid $349.00 for an item new was selling it for $150.00 ok I have loaded it up 6 times and brought it back its not showroom condition but **bleep** close ! I think I'm going to try other markets because it seems offer up buyers not all are scumbags !