Receiving payments for shipped items

Does anyone knows how long does it actually takes a payment to come through??? I mailed of an item 2 weeks ago. The buyer received it in the mail on 2/08/’s the 12th and my payment is still pending. When will I get my payment???
Level 1
If you want to pay more in fees then you can get the fast deposit option. If not it took me up to 2 weeks. But with all the fees on a $1.00 sale you only clear $0.41 cents.
A WEEK???? That will make it 3 weeks since I sent off the item! What type of operation offer up got going on here!??!
What if my sale was for $46.00?
Level 2

Hi I did no by this. You need to put money back on my Vista card now. That is stile money from me

WHO ME??? Wrong person. I’m in your shoes dealing with someone in Texas, they got me for $50....and this app has no way for u to contact the developers for help.