Report People for Bait and Switch pricing and spam

Level 1

Report people that advertise there price for 1.00 or 10.00 and when you read the post after clicking on the item they want 50 or 200 dollars.

if they continue with that annoying behavior and then more and more people follow suit.

legit people will leave this site and go elsewhere. 

Essentially ruining the site.

it is every bodies job to police the site

Community Manager

Welcome to the community, @Phil_Webber

I completely agree. I understand how reporting people may seem time-consuming at times, but it really does help out the Customer Care team in identifying those members that don't follow our Posting Rules Smiley Happy 


Level 4
Let’s kick out the sellers who want to scam the system!!!! I’m looking for a legit way to buy and sell and have high hopes for OfferUp. One seller just posted more than 300 items, all with a price of $1. It’s obvious that everything is worth more (Supreme, Coke fridge, Louis Vuitton purse (ha!!!). I asked why everything is a $1 and he says he’s taking offers. Offerup - will you please educate this seller?! I’m not hating - is it too much to ask for people to play by the rules.
Level 5
Sounds as though he or she thinks it's a bidding site and as such his / her items are possibly stolen.
A search tool for prices could possibly assist with such persons.
Only a thought. If "firm" is selected as selling price, there was a fatal flaw. I suspect such persons are in fact traceable. Thank you for the heads up on this one. I will be on the look out now.
Level 4
@KillerCloset - thanks for your thoughts. If we legitimate sincere sellers would step up and report the scammers we would build a great platform and they can go their merry way somewhere else. I just don’t understand the scammer mentality.