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I was trying to by violin one of the listing who is name mason. When I tried to transaction to his account somehow didn’t go through. Now I found out he didn’t finished his profile all the way. So he asked me-do I have a cash app.
So I said yes. I have no doubt because he was so nice until he got the money. Few days later the items should be delivered last weekend but didn’t get here and since then he completely ignored my message and asked to refunded my money he hasn’t done nothing.
I told him I’m going to make a police report, but no response and the funny thing is his listing is still there for sale. I know I got ripped off. Now a days it’s hard to trust someone it makes me really sad. I saved that money to buy the violin for my son to learn. I feel so upset 😭
Community Helper
I wouldn't have gone off the app to complete the transaction. I would have waited until he completed his profile. I would try contacting your bank and the cash app to see if you can get your money back.