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I have someone that would like me to mail my item. I plan to charge for shipping also, but my question is would I be at any risk if I used venmo to process the payment. Nothing seems off just that we are pretty far away when you consider a 2 hour drive in traffic for a $35 item. Thanks
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Excellent question. I would love to hear more on this subject.
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@Hlh Hi! Are they asking you in regards to Shipping that we have introduced on OfferUp, or that they would rather you ship the item then meet in person for the exchange? If you do not have Shipping enabled yet, we always suggest meeting in person to exchange the item for cash if you can so you have a chance to inspect the item before making the transaction. If you do in fact have Shipping enabled, we recommend setting up a payments account through the app. Lots more on Shipping here and here from our Help Center. 

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@Lapua is right.

Get money first.

You can either make a transaction via PayPal or Amazon Gift if you don't mind that.

No way to refund those ways as far as I'm aware.

When people ask me to send I for the most part use Amazon Gift, just direct them to the Amazon Gift page and provide your e-mail.

Verify payment has been sent and proceed.

Let them know that once you provide them with a shipping label, your business transaction is complete.

Look at their profile, ask direct questions to figure out if they're a scammer.

If they send payment first, they're legit — just keep your word.

Provide a fake or friends address on the shipping label to keep your anonymity.

Be sure to add shipping cost to tell price.


Oh yeah, as Elin mentioned there's a new OfferUp shipping method — although I'm unaware of how it works.
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Thank @Lapua that is good to know.

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Now,  @Elin, I am going to preface this first by saying I am a rule follower (most of the time).  Smiley Tongue  I currently have four buyers. Unfortunately, these buyers do not have access to offerup’s shipping feature, yet. They are 40 to 100 miles away. Meeting them halfway is not cost effective in this situation. Also, now I am meeting them in unfamiliar territory, not to mention transportation cost involved. So, you see I have a few options… Do I drive and lose money. Do I not make the sale and lose money or do I figure out a safe way to ship and receive payment and make money?  A dilemma indeed. I am hoping that offerup will get us all connected with the shipping & payment features soon. I think it will be a great asset to the community.


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Hi @Hlh I totally agree with @Elin Community manager.
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@Elin, thank you for this explanation. I am in the same situation and I tried to follow your instructions but I see no payment option in my account. How can I enable that?


Thank you. 

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Hey @puccia,  Hang in there! Smiley Happy

@Elinwill work it out with you.

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Thanks, @Shupat! Hope you solved your issue.