SELLING: Firm Price verses Negotiable Price

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I would like to hear from some of the power sellers on how they set their prices when they post an item. Do you post a FIRM price and stick to it or do you allow people to negotiate and make offers lower than your posted price. I'm aware that buyers can still offer lower prices on prices that are FIRM.


I've sold quite a few items on OfferUp but don't really consider myself a power seller. My strategy is to post FIRM prices and pretty much stick to that price. I may lower the price at a later time if it doesn't sell but, basically, I control the narrative and tend not to negotiate or accept lower offers. If you go to a retail store, like Best Buy, the price marked is a firm price. There's no negotiating.


However, I'm starting to question if that is the best strategy. Would the best strategy be to inflate my original asking price for the sole purpose of accepting a lower offer? On one hand that's a win-win for both parties (the secret of negotiating). On the other hand, to me, this is playing the "pricing game" and I really don't like doing that. Also, it's not a guarantee that if I accept someone's lower offer they will follow through and actually buy it.


I would love to hear from other sellers on what works for you regarding how you set your prices. I'm looking for the best strategy.




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Excellent topic @dfwpike.

Not sure how many power sellers are hanging around the forums but I'm interested to read the responses from them. 

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Thanks @cyclomatic. I probably shouldn't have said power sellers since probably nobody thinks they're a power seller. I'd be open to hearing from anybody that has experience selling on OfferUp..

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Great post, @dfwpike


I'm just a casual seller myself, but I'm a firm seller. I always list my items as firm and include in the description that I won't accept lower.


When I'm pricing my items, I check what it would sell for brand new, then I check what other OfferUp sellers have their price set as, and then usually list my item a couple bucks cheaper. I try to stay really competitive with my pricing, and usually, list my item at the lowest $ amount I'd accept. I still get "lowball" offers but I don't let them get to me - we've all been there, and everyone wants to make some money or get a great deal! Smiley Happy

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Purposely pricing your items high without flagging it as firm (to open to negotiating) does not always work. Unfortunately, there are so many knuckleheads on offerup who will still talk your price down much lower. I placed a vintage leather jacket for sale at $500 and did not click of the firm button and even noted in the description that it was slightly negotiable. Every single time, I did not get one offer higher than $100. My goal is to get at least $300 off of it. The lowest offer I got was $10 like really?!? I had to drag that customer for that mega low ball offer (which is 98% of my asking price). That fool got blocked and reported.

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