Save default distance setting

Level 1
The default location distance to search is 30 miles. It can be changed to 10 miles, 20, 30, or "anywhere". But what I found to be annoying is that each time I launch OfferUp, or in-between searches, OfferUp clears my filter setting of how far from my location I want to search for an item. It's presumptive to assume that I'm always willing to drive 30 miles for an item. In fact, many in the community are relying on Lyft or Uber, so 30 miles is NOT a viable option for them. Suggest that you save our default distance preference, either locally or on server. After each search -- or upon launch -- restore our distance filter to exactly what it was where we left off.
Level 9
Yeah I noticed this issue as well and was going to make a thread as well.

If you're lucky the zip will stick for about a month and then revert back to doing this.
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Omg this absolutely needs to be fixed, its always changing on me even if i havent exited the app.

I want to be able to set default to 10 mi. And stop it from reverting to 30z
Level 2
Was just about to make a thread on this. Did OU ever respond?
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Agreed! I absolutely find it very annoying!
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This issue has been brought to OU's attention in the past, however, have not seen a change to date.
I usually will only do 10 miles max as well...
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I COMPLETELY AGREE!!! I absolutely HATE being shown numerous items that are actually in cities an hour away! It is a pain to have to keep resetting this. I have also lost out on sales from numerous buyers who don't pay attention and change their mind when they see my location. This setting is very annoying and defeats the purpose of the app. Seeing so many great deals within a few miles of your home was the original reason why OU stood above Craigslist and became so popular initially. Now changing the settings each time you open it is just not practical. :/