I was scammed out $350 through Zelle for an iPhone 8 plus. And now the seller is posting the same thing I was scammed for but $25 less now.
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how did you get scammed?

You said scammer used zelle which is not OU payment system so not sure why you are posting here.

IF you post item here and used 3rd party payment apps then nothing OU can do other than give you sympathy.

1. Did scammer not pay you?
2. How did scammer got hold of your iPhone?
I said I thought I was purchasing an iPhone 8 plus ... And I'm a first time buyer for offerup so I absolutely didn't know that. I just wanted to let people warn people about an offer up user who reposted the same item they scammed me for.
Just had this same thing happen to me through a user named Annemarie in WV, for a Nintendo switch, through zelle for $150. Whether it’s offer ups issue or not they should at least be willing to look into these accounts and do more thorough checks on these scam accounts.