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If you see a photo of a Cannon Mark 5 for 1,000... this is a scam. I new it was to good to be true, but I had to see what was going on for a deal like that. The photo on offerup says " (ALL CAPS for the email)." I emailed the dude and he said his son would be selling the camera for his 80th birthday. (Mind you, he was a nice person, who always messaged back quickly). First off, why your son telling me to email you? Anyway, this dude sent a FAKE Cashiers check (which looked real). I asked for $900 for my camera and this dude sent 2,5500.00 saying, I sent you a "little" extra. Then on top of that asked me to let him know that once the "cashiers check" cleared that I needed to take some money out to pay the "movers" who were going to take the camera from me and give to him. 


I didn't even take the check to the bank. I searched up the FAKE bank he put on the check and notice it was fake. I emailed him saying, " My bank said this is a fraud check. Why would you do this?" 2 weeks later, still no answer. 


A few things I've learned.... DON'T give out your PO box/address to anyone and it's better to purchase IN PERSON. Another thing, if it's to good to be true... then your right! I haven't been scammed for my items or money because I'm always doing my research. 


OH YEAH! When I looked for his email in PAYPAL popped up, email changed 


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Seems like every time I put something on this app scammers come at me. It’s happened several times I’m getting discouraged. Does anybody really buy anything from each other on here?
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Seems like every time I put something on this app scammers come at me. It’s happened several times I’m getting discouraged. Does anybody really buy anything from each other on here?
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I hate to be that person, but I’ve gotten so much luck with the “letgo” app. I haven’t had to deal with scammers on there. I would check it out!
I have had several transactions in my local area and have had no problems I have even become friends with one of my purchasers
So be encouraged it does work...I have that same problem with craigslist that you have so I no longer try using craigslist to sell...home this helps
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To the new member, I've been in the community since January.

At first nothing was selling and all the alerts seemed to be fake.

When my offers started getting stale I bumped all of them up. Since then my sales have greatly increased, so I guess what I'm trying to say is don't be discouraged and give it time! If you have quality products for sale and represent them honestly they will sell. Also in time the scammers will get tired of you and move on to another " new " member!

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Not trying to say, "well that sucks for you" to people who have fallen for scams, but people NEED to be vigilant. No one is going to protect yourself better than YOU!

Ask yourself a few questions when you come across things like this:
1) Does this make sense? Would ANY "normal" sane human being do this same offer? Why are they "willing" to pay a LOT more than what I asked for? Would you do the same thing for an item you saw?
It's probably too entice you to say "YES!" and keep you from thinking clearly because EVERYONE wants to get money for their item(s).

2) Why does this person want to communicate OUTSIDE of an app that has its own built-in communication, no matter of it's good or not?
It's probably best to stay within the walls of the app. Anyone who wants a different means of communication probably shouldn't be on the app to begin with. If you didn't want to communicate in the app, then why download it and use it? Stay within it, this way if anything goes wrong, you can report it properly.

3) Why can't the person pay cash or use the built-in payment system?
Taking other means of currency, besides trades for items that you are interested in, is 100% a bad idea. Cash can't be given to you and then just disappear without you being aware. While ANY electronic payment system may not be perfect, you have a bit more insurance that you will get paid. Checks, cashier's checks, money orders, can all be revoked without your permission and/or awareness, and can be faked just like in your scenario.

Like I said earlier, no one is going to protect you better than YOU! Sure it would be nice to take every person's word as a guarantee, but that's just not the world we live in. Just think logically. When listing an item for sale and a potential buyer asks you to do something that isn't possible to do within the app, place yourself in their shoes and see if it sounds normal or reasonable. If not, either tell the buyer straight cash, tell them "thanks but I don't do transactions that way", or ignore and block them.

I'm sorry people have had to go through this and it may not sound like I sympathize with you all, but there are too many people who are easy targets. A scammer will throw out many fishing lines, all they need is ONE! Don't be that one they pull out of the waters.