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I am a first time user and this happened to me on my second item. The man said he was traveling and secretary sent wrong amount. Fortunately for me my bank manager was suspicious of the check and advised me not to deposit check. The buyer’s number was a 215 area code - Philadelphia - the check was drawn on a Houston company check - TWR Lighting which is a legitimate company and the check was FedExed to me from Spokane Washington. Thank goodness my Fifth Third bank manager was smart enough to alert me.
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@Elin I am really new on OfferUp and I’m still not sure about how everything works yet but I’ve recently reported a person for inappropriate behavior because they messaged me, ensuring they were a female so I felt more comfortable doing business selling a lot of shorts. Since I’m fairly new on here, I didn’t see any problem when the buyer said it was easier contact to just message their number so it would be much easier to take pictures of the shorts and how they looked on (since I was uncomfortable to be posting that on the actual app for perverts to see freely). When I found out they were lying (because when I called on facetime, a man showed up), he apologized for pretending to be a female, said he was still interested in buying shorts but insisted he sees how it looks like from behind and how much cheek could be revealed, I felt scammed and humiliated. Is there any way to find out the gender of a buyer aside from what their claims are?
I am brand new to offer up. I have posted a bed last week, and the only responses were from scammers. Same thing happened on Craigslist.
If someone just says they want to buy my bed, how do I know if they r scamming me? I fear giving any information or even replying. I could be missing a buyer.
I am brand new to offer up and in the last few weeks posted a bed to sell. So far my only responses are from these scammers. Same thing happened on Craigslist. How do I know if they are scamming when they first say ‘I want to buy your bed’. I’m forced to reply and so far everyone has been this same scam. I fear giving them any information, even a reply that’s it’s still available. So this far offer up has just been a scam for me. Any suggestions? I fear missing a real buyer.
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Hey @Jm8465 , welcome to the community! One easy way to weed out some of the scammers is to insist that all conversations are done within the app. A lot of these scammers will try to only communicate through email, so I personally avoid anyone is super pushy about using email or wants to use a cashiers check.

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I had a similar experience. I saw a car for sale on here and contacted the seller. She said she only posted the ad for her aunt and to contact her at her email address for further questions about the car, so I did. The aunt said she had the car up for sale on eBay motors and that I had to give her my name, address, phone number, and email address and eBay would contact me regarding how to purchase it. She went on to say that the car was covered by eBay buyer protection program, and that would also deliver it free of charge. She even sent me a listing number. I never believe strangers until I check it out for myself, so I called eBay and asked if all these things were true and they said no, their program does not work that way. So I concluded these people were trying to scam me. They even went as far as to continue contacting me after I replied I wasn't interested anymore, asking me if I received a contact email from eBay, which I'm assuming was really from them. They wanted me to send payment through a link in the email. I'm kind of nervous about them having my actual address, but am eBay rep said they probably only wanted it so they could send a fake invoice to me. I'm scared to report them too, because they have my actual address. That's why I chose to surreal about it in here instead.
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@Fedup2019 sorry to here that happened. This is another reminder why you should stay within the OU app. Good luck and success in the future.

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Thank you! You saved me. Someone just tried to do this to me.