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Continue to be vigilant I'm glad you caught on and avoided being scammed

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I was just stood up twice today for the same item and got about 4 more that made an offer then did not respond. Let's just say that I find myself reporting and blocking these type of profiles a lot! We all get busy, we all have sudden plan changes but if you can't find the time to tell me you are not meeting... I don't have the time either!
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Yes me too!!
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You think people that would fall for that are victims?!? Victims of what their own idiocy?!
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@0425Miami Bravo, applauding!!!!
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Thanks so much for all these posts. I almost got scammed, but looking into these posts helped me from making a huge mistake. The check from my scammer is still on the way. I reported the scam to offerup with the persons email address, which was of course not in the offerup web site. 

Like others they never answer any of your questions, it is always about the check.

Thx again

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My best advice for wondering if something is a scam or not is to trust your gut. If something seems like it is too good to be true but you're still interested in completing the transaction, just make sure to thoroughly inspect the item, or even get it evaluated by an expert. 


We have a ton of helpful tips on trusting other community members. Basically, just try to keep conversations within the app and meetup in person. If anything outside of the norm happens with a transaction, just reach out to our Customer Care team and they will be able to assist with any next steps. 


Another great tip would be to meet at one of our Community MeetUp Spots! These MeetUp Spots are a great way to complete a transaction with a little peace of mind, as they are all located in public places which offer surveillance. 

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Welcome to the community, @_luloka - I'm sorry to hear about this. Were you able to reach out to our Customer Care team?