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Hi, it's so easy to spot those Nigerian scammers. That's was the reason I had my phone number next to my name so people can call and inquire about my posting and actually feel more confident and comfortable. But offer up team almost Ban me for having my phone number next to my name when bunch of scamers have have their way with people by communicating through email.
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Someone has offered to buy something I've sold and says a mover will be coming to get the item, and that a check is being over-night'd to me.  Seems like a scam to me.

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You can be scammed even setting up via phone, it's really no different.

Giving out your personal information is Ill advised and can apparently get you banned.

Try to keep all communications via the app messanger.


Yes, this is a scam that's becoming more common with selling apps.

Checks are always a red flag.
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It's is a possibility just like in anything but it's unlikely. Personally I never seen scamer fully verifed willing to talk on the phone. In the end of the day people should use their own head.
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Hope do you delete your deposit information????
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Thanks! Totally had a guy do this to me 'Anatoly' - can we tag or report them? Annoying!
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Wow @Dcass thanks for the heads up on this type of scam. Had it happened to me, i certainly would have been taken because i am too trusting of others. Luckily it never happened to me and now, thanks to you, it never will. Thanks again on behalf of us who are too trusting and not cautious enough.
Sorry you had to experience this scam the hard way. Good luck to you. 😎
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Hi @nagibator, though you had good intentions, do you honestly feel that posting your phone number for everyone to see is a good idea? I think that is a very dangerous move
Others are always warning us not to give out any personal information and you actually posted it? Wow, talk about living dangerously. I am not surprised offer up was upset. It is for your own safety that they were against that move. You should reconsider giving out personal information with your name, seriously. The possible dangerous consequences are not worth it. Question: Do you actually speak to these nigerian scammers long distance over the phone since you do give out your number? How can you tell they are a nigerian scammer as opposed to say... an irish scammer or an alaskan scammer? A scammer by any other name would still stink. Does caller id give it away? 😎Just wondering.....
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To be honest offerups main reason against giving out personal info is to exempt tem from any liability for any thing negative that might transpire because of giving out info through their app. By making it prohibited they can say they're not responsible for what happens to those who break the rules.😀👍

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Hi @Robert23, same thing happened to me and stupidly i gave the scammer my email. Eventually i reported him/her and blocked them. Wish i was forewarned sooner. But at least we can warn others by our mistakes. Sharing this info with everyone is good. Thanks. 😎