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Free selling apps and scammers go hand in hand, as it costs them no money to bait you. Just don't fall for the scams and you are golden.

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Scams are everywhere @Kasage00. It's not exclusive to OfferUp. Same ones they've been running the past 20yrs and some new.
Listen, I'm walking down the street in Paris shopping district and the scammers tried to pull one over on me with the old, "excuse me, did you drop this shinny gold ring sir" scam.
Be alert, follow your gut along with review safe practices that are set up to help.
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Yep, me too, twice in one day. I can’t believe ppl are falling for this! It seems fairly obvious to me. You don’t go deposit $ in your nearest money gram to sell an item.
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Welcome to the Community Forums @DLynn. Please continue to stay engaged in the many topics being discussed.
Sometimes people believe their going to receive extra money and get "suckered". It's been going on for decades so it obviously is still working.
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@cyclomatic I kinda miss the good old days before there were so many scammers,,,,,,i remember i dont know i must have been about ten years old,,,,,,i was in fifth grade,,,,,around 1970 or 71,,,,,,,,,,,i put a classified ad in  a magazine,gems and minerals,,,,,,,,think it cost me around  a dollar,,,,,,,and couple months  later i started getting checks in the mail once in a while  for 3.95 ,,,,,,,i had to open a bank account to cash the checks,,,,,,,,i mailed the product,,,,,,,,,the checks were all good,,,,,,,,most times people would write me a letter back thanking me and telling me how much they liked the product,,,,,,,,,,,,no scams,,,,,,no bad checks,,,,,,it was great,,,,,,and man i worked hard at keeping plenty of product just incase i got another order,,,,,,lol,,,,,i still have a few boxes of the product,,,,,,,,,,now everything is fast paced and scammers are everywhere,,,,,,,,,,even more recent at the beginning of ebay,,,,,,i never got a bad check,,,,,everyone was always happy with the purchases,,,,,,,no one was impatient,,,,,both buyers and sellers had fun,,,,,,,things have changed.

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Unfortunately, @0317, they have changed and not for the better. Technology continues to surpass our humanity. Man's greed, lust and corruption will always reveal itself in one form or another. We just need to continue to do the best we can to watch out for ourselves and each other.
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This exact thing just happened to me. I almost went and deposited it in my account today, but it just felt weird from the beginning. So I just looked up common offer up scams, and this was the first thing that popped up. I REALLY appreciate this!!! You saved me a lot of headache, and money. For anybody else reading this this is not incorrect information this really does happen.

I've been extra careful about stuff like this, since I have a family member who was just ripped off for $5,200. The same thing happened to me a few months ago. They got me for $650. From what I understand/experienced they have lots of different ways of duping you into giving your information, but the end result is that you will end up having to buy a bunch of gift cards and giving them the card numbers. And these people via phone will have the gall to keep calling you for days after you've been ripped off. They will cuss at you, and become belligerent, and will harass you. They don't care. They will even speak to a police officer, and laugh at both of you. Other than filling out a police report, here's nothing that the police can do. Unless they have tracing equipment.
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Please help. This is my first time selling anything and I trusted two people and now they have my personal information and know where I live. What do I do? I always thought these apps prescreen 

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Someone just did that to me today. They said the exact same thing. To put my item as sold or close the listing. I have them all of my information. What do I do?
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You can reach out to support if you want, don't know what they could do about it.

What exact info was taken from you?

Just an address and name?

"I always thought these apps prescreen"

Much like any other selling platform, this is usually not the case.

This system is not unique to OfferUp — Craiglist for example was very similar.

I'm surprised people still fall for common scams.

I would encourage OfferUp to pin a thread containing common scams to avoid if there isn't one already.


Just as I told Nancy reach out to support. I'm unsure what specific info was given out in your case.