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If offer up can see the posts that are evident to be scammers why are they not deleted? Most are on cars and will say email only can’t see message in app and they list the vehicle many many times. It is do time consuming to try and weed these out
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Thanks for the information. Something similar is just happening to me. They asked me to send the pictures to an email which I did, and now they wanted my personal information to write me a check and they also mentioned that they would use the service of  a mover for the pick up but only after the check clears. 



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I keep repeating, over and over:


Why would you be dealing with someone through email?

What is the advantage you think your gaining? 

The moment you see an ad that requires you to respond via email you should immediately believe it to be bogus. Period.

If they are attempting to circumvent the app, something is wrong.

Most of these people you respond to have ads posted all over the country for the same vehicle. Dosen't that raise a flag?

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You can tell there from some foreign country for sure usually bc the ones I've encountered try extra hard to "sound" normal over messages and texts. And have real American plain names usually too. It's pretty funny actually. One was even getting religious on me "hoping" I was trustworthy with his money and would do right thing lol. It's common sense. They don't speak/type right and won't talk on phone. There willing to pay you WAY over what your asking, plus tip you for the hassle of having "mover" pick up stuff. Hmmmm YEAH that seems totally normal! And WHY exactly can't they just send two separate checks to you and this mystery assistant person again?? And do people that are That rich and throw $ around typically shop on this site???
Please refer too...Lowballers! Topics for days!
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Maybe by saying the name of the person you reported might help other people not fall into the same trap
Who is that person so we be alert
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HI @Fannyr17 welcome to the forum ,,,,,,,,,,,do you as an america really think thats right,,,,,,what happen to innocent till proven guilty?,,,,,,,,,what if i said,,,,,,,,,Hey everyone fanny is a scammer ,dont do business with fanny,,,,,,,,,,,,,should they just believe me without any proof?,,,should we just close down all the court houses and just prosecute everyone that has a bad word against them? Naming names is not a good idea,,,,

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Outing the scammer is useless on here, as this is a nationwide forum and the scammer can easily change the profile name or just make another account (still simple enough).

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Thank you!!!! I had someone contact me today EXACTLY like this!! Saved me from losing $120. I really appreciate it!