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The last few days when I search for stuff either nothing shows up or it shows stuff from really far away.. like other states. All the old posts that use to be in those searches aren’t there And no I’m not looking at the shipping section I’m looking locally. What’s going on?
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@Vintage90s Let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum,

Vintage90s here’s few things to try for your issue, below there’s information how to resets your location, I would recommend doing so from the OfferUp website first. 😎🇬🇧

I always recommend updating the app and clearing any cache/cookies for each device and browser you use to connect to OfferUp on. This will give your app a little refresh and typically resolves most error messages.

You can troubleshoot yourself by signing out (clearing app cache / data) and then try to sign back in.

Change the location for your OfferUp account
The first time you log in to the OfferUp app, we get your location to show you items near you. If you've moved or your original location wasn't quite right, change it in your account. 
In the OfferUp app
1. Open the OfferUp app, then tap Account 

2. .
3. Tap Settings

4. , then tap the name of your current location.
5. Tap Get my location or enter your Zip Code.
6. Tap Save.
On the OfferUp website 
If you've moved or your original location wasn't quite right, you can change it on our website.
1. Go to and hover over your name. If you don't see your name, click Login and then enter your email and password. 
2. Click Settings, then click on Location. 
3. Start typing the name of our city, then choose a location from the drop down menu. Your location won't be updated if you don't click an option.
4. Click Save Changes. 

Of course, if an error persists, it's best to contact the Customer Care team,

OfferUp Customer care,
You can also contact OfferUp customer care through Facebook or Twitter if this option is available to you.
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