Select all archive option?

Level 9
Is there a simplified way to archive almost 400 items
Select all or is there a way to just deactivate account without deleting all transaction history details?

I keep getting messages on old listings that cant actually be shipped for $3 even though its changed it. I spent too much time adjusting tons of listings and must've missed some
It is aggravating me and probably buyers when I tell them shipping isn't $3 for the items.
Would I just need to delete account entirely and make a new one for local sales and buying? Thanks


There is no easy/"select all" method to archive in a single batch.


At this point, deactivating the account (there is no total delete account option) would be the most efficient method, rather than trying to edit all 400 posts.

Level 9
Thanks, will do this after my transaction clears. I have been explaining to buyers all day that i am only shipping certain items that go usps. Got annoyed and just accepted a low cost item sale for ups shipping. As soon as I accepted I realized that it will be 2 weeks before i get paid. Slowly just archiving, but get an error if i do more than 3 at once and have to try multiple times. Anyhow, hopefully this one shipment goes well even if it printed just 2 lbs instead of 3lbs. Sigh....