Seller/buyer protections - what about scammers?

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I logged in today and noticed offerup now allows national shipping and will accept payments from buyers and distribute payments to sellers. I also noticed there are buyer protections here:


well that's great but how does the process work? if a buyer complains about item not as described, is there some sort of dispute process? are funds automatically taken from the seller? does the seller have any recourse, can they protest the claim?

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Hey @phrost! Thanks for asking about how OfferUp Buyer Protection covers sellers. We offer Protection when shipping and payments are made through the OfferUp ap and one of the following apply:


  • Seller fails to ship the item

  • Undisclosed damage

  • Incorrect or missing item

  • A case where a police report is filed

The buyer has 3 days after an item is marked as Delivered by the US Postal Service to file a claim. We will work with the buyers, sellers, and the USPS to find the best possible solution to situations as they arise.


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that explains the buyer protection (that i already mentioned in my OP), but not seller protection. for example, if i as a seller send someone a computer that's in good condition, and the buyer later claims it was either broken or they received something else, how would that dispute be handled? who takes the loss in this situation? essentially it's my word against theirs, what will happen?

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This app is full of scammers. Most of the products posted are fake. Mostly fake cars and that you have to contact them through email. Most of the their posts are posted in the same day. No review, no profile pic. Unverified user.
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This app was doing well until all the scammers popped up. Tired of seeing fake cars postings from obvious scammers whom would want you to contact them through email. You guys need more or better admin to monitor users and what’s being posted. I’m very close to deleting this app.
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@roydooms We would hate for you to go. Please continue to report these people through the app so our team can look into their accounts. Let me know how I can help! I'm here for you.

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I bought a bracelet using the nation wide shipping option and was assured by the seller that it was real gold. Well it was not and the only reason I even tried the nation wide option was because offer up offers buyers protection. Well I've tried several times to get in contact with offer up and have heard nothing. I guess you can't hold offer up to there word so buyers beware.
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@Antonio619 They will get back to you soon! It looks like you just contacted them this morning. 

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I need everyones oppinion on this. I have just bought an iphone 7 from the shipping  side of offer up. I bought it from a user named "Jordyn" who on this users profile seems to sell iphones and a pair of timbs and an xbox one so if you see this person, BEWARE! I bought this iphone from him/her and i asked this user "whats wrong with it" - "nothing just upgraded" i asked if it was locked or bad condition "no. it is 128 gb, unlocked and works and looks like new"


all that information is really irrelevant for the fact i have just waited 5 days to receive the package today just to open it and see that my "iphone 7" was just a book and an empty box of earbuds....My goodness im so upset!!!. I even told this user! "If the item is not as described or locked in any way, ill return it since i have buyer protection" he or she said "Sorry just got off of work and no its all ready to go". This user did not even have the decency to send me a phone PERIOD. Not even earbuds within the box HAH! Little did this person know that the transaction is paused until the buyer has evaluated the item 3 days after receiving it (right?) . So obviously i reported her and gave her 1 star. I also contacted offerup contact us support...what i want to know is will i get my $ back? This is absurd! How can these people do this!? and think they can honestly get away with this?


*I hope this sheds light on newcomers in offerup*

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HI @DionAbril welcome to the forum,,,,,sorry this happen to you,,,,,,,,,im sure many of us will be very interested in how this plays out for you ,,,i hope you will keep us informed,,,,,,,im sure the seller will just say you are not telling the truth,,,,,i will be interested in how offerup deals with it,,,,,,,,,im holding off on using the shipping feature to see how it works for both buyers and sellers,,,,,,,,too dam many dishonest people now days,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so,,,,what book did you get?,,,,,maybe you just got the wrong package?,,,,,,,maybe he sold a book to someone else?,,,,,put the wrong shipping labels on the boxes?