Seller/buyer protections - what about scammers?

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@rdeleon774 No worries, as long as you wrote in before the three-day mark, you will be okay. Someone should be getting to you shortly Smiley Happy

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Hey there @DionAbril! It looks like you received your refund on 5/8 Smiley Happy and was sent an email about it. Is everything okay now? Let us know! 

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Yikes! That their is an awful scam...smh
I stay clear from buying any electronics via shipping unless it’s on eBay. I have bought two iPhones locally but insisted the seller meet me at local cell phone store to complete transaction after iPhone checked out clean....anyone refusing to do so was scratched off my list. Hopefully this helps you in your future buys.
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My instincts would prompt me to screen shoot everything, look up location or zip code, search for same item less than 5 miles of that same location and inquire...chances are that the same scammer will answer with same reply or use same picture (s).
(Oh and don’t forget to change your user name when inquiring that way your cover isn’t blown).
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Offer up does honor there buyers protection. It does take them awhile to get back to you but as long as you contacted them within 3 days of receiving the package then you should be good to go. I was a little worried about getting my money back but I did and even got back the $5 shipping fee.
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Thanks for that update, @Antonio619! That's great to hear Smiley Very Happy

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So how does seller protection work?  Someone with no ratings just offered  to buy my shoes.   I want to get rid of it but I don't want to get scammed at the same time.

What can I do to protect myself?


I already have photos of the shoes for every angle, the original receipt etc etc. 

So if I ship out the shoes, and the buyers says it's fake or box was empty, how is the seller protected?

Obviously if the buyer says it's empty, the shipping weight recorded by USPS and confirm that the box wasn't empty. 

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Great question, and welcome @vbx714!


There is quite a bit of seller protection built into our process, actually! I 100% recommend doing the steps you already have taken, and some community members here on the forums have even recommended taking videos. As long as you have all of the "proof" on your end that the item is properly depicted, condition and all, you should be protected if any claims come in. The buyer has 3 days after receiving an item to open a Buyer Protection claim, and these claims are all reviewed manually by our escalations Payments/Shipping team. I always recommend being overly descriptive on any item post which also applies to Shipping. 


Here's an example of a Buyer Protection claim that would be rejected -

-Say you had your shoes listed as a size 10 with normal wear condition. You included all pictures of the item, from every angle, and your description includes that there is a slight scratch on the side. You even include a picture of the small scratch. You receive a full-price offer and accept, and ship the item out.

-Buyer receives the item and says the shoes don't fit them and they'd like a refund because the shoes "don't feel like a 10" even though the shoe is marked at a size 10.

The claim would be rejected, as the item was depicted correctly. 


You can read our seller protection policy here.


If you have any feedback or questions, let us know! 

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I was scammed today I was sold a replica iPhone 8 Plus product red advertised as authentic. What can I do about this?