Seller dosent respond

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This is frustrating! Literally just downloaded and made an account in OfferUp a couple of days ago because a friend recommended it, and have been trying to get in contact with a hand-full of different sellers so I could buy from them, and haven’t gotten a single reply yet! Smh I’m even willing to pay the offer they posted but want clarification on some details yet no reply!!! I’m dealing with people who have good ratings but apparently that’s not getting me anywhere, this has been a very poor first experience trying to use this app and am very disappointed.
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I am experiencing same thing 😑
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Yeah I don’t know what the sellers are doing but they’re obviously losing out on trying to make any money.
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They may be genuinely busy.

I don't always respond to messages while I'm at work (15 hours sometimes)

Will tend to set up with buyers when I'm out from the comfort of my bed.

If they read your offer, it's usually that they would prefer not to respond at that moment to see if another previous buyer will flake or not first.

Wouldn't want to set up with you, if I have someone else lined up.

I'm lazy sometimes as well and rather not text out the generic...

"Apologies, someone else is picking up — I'll let you know if they flake."

Personally, I've had sellers message me two days later, even a week later — which is fine with me since what I buy is never urgent.
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I’m pretty sure if they’re profile says “responds in a few minutes” or reviews say that person is communicative and on time, I should be able to hear from them in a timely manner not 3 or 4 days, a week, or not at all!! Especially when they’ve just posted the item within hours! Lol I’m pretty sure if I was selling a product and it’s been posted there for months that I’d be eager to sell it by staying responsive.
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Mine says the same thing, system is not perfect but it works.

Nowadays I know most people check their phones compulsively, just keep in mind not everyone is the same.

As I said, there are also a couple other factors to consider and take into account aside from the ones I mentioned above.

I know you'll get what you're searching for, try to be patient.
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Same here, i asked like 7 sellers questions about their items none of them replied, i ended up going on ebay and paid a little more for what i wanted and now my item is already on its way. So i will delete this offeup crap, i need more memory space on my phone anyway.
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I am not sure the situation where you asked questions there is a possibility the sellers do not know how to properly answer your questions about the item and do not want to seem uneducated about their products. Another theory could be that the seller has already received several offers and does not want to get your hopes up for the item. I am sorry to hear that you are getting frustrated with the app, as I have no complaints!
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Hi @Casanova1,,,,,,,,,you really didnt give us enough details for anyone to have a good guess as to why a seller isnt responding to you,,,,,,,,,,like,,,,,did the person read your message,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the app shows us if someone has read our message,,,,,,,,,,how far back was the item listed as well as other items the person has,,,,,,,and even what kind of questions did you ask about what kind of items,,,,,,,,,,,,myself i answer most questions,,,,,,,but not all,,,,,sometimes when someone asks me if i can tell them something,,,,,,lol,,,,,i just say ,,,,,,,,,,no,,,,,,,,,,,,,if i think the question is just too stupid. somethings i give a good description of ,,,,,,other things ,,,my pictures are the description,,the only description your gonna get ,,,,,,,as far as the response time,,,,,,,,we sellers have nothing to do with that,,,,,,,,,that is all offerups doing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i believe we should be able to put our own response time,,,,,,,because mine is not always gonna be in a few minutes like it says,,,,,,,,,,espectialy since the little cha ching notification doesnt work very often for me,,,,,,,,,,,,anyway,,,,,,,,,,im sorry that some sellers dont respond,,,,,,,,,some just dont,,,,,,,,,,,,i personaly think lack of response is an issue that offerup should do something about in the future,,,,,,,,but right now i hope they dont mess with it ,,,,untill they get other things working better.

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I mean it really just comes down to trying not to waste anyone’s time, my questions were pretty simple and straight forward... for example “Is this item still available?” It’s a simple yes or no question lol, I’m not asking for the impossible. And even if the seller had other offers, it still would be nice to have any sort of reply to the buyer so that they are not wasting your time.