Seller dosent respond

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The messages sent were not read. I don’t think it should matter how far an item goes back, its the seller’s job to mark the item as sold. I asked pretty straight forward questions that should be a yes or no answer too. Some of y’all should not justify on behalf of why these issues are happening, the people selling the items should be wary of how this app works.
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I don't see people trying to justify anything. I see other members here relating to your experience and doing the best they can to answer a question, that's actually rhetorical.

Why don't sellers respond?

1-Because they're not active enough on the app.

2-Because, honestly, people sometimes post and forget.

3-Because some people are honestly too busy to keep up.

4-Because they already negotiated a deal and don't have courtesy to say so.

5-Because they locked out of their account and haven't gotten back in.

6-Because they're really not interested in answering you.

7-Because they don' receive the notification.

I can go on and on. It doesn't matter in the end. The app works just fine; this is a people issue. I've been frustrated in dealing with sellers who don't answer and I'm not even haggling or asking questions. I'm just saying, I want to buy your item at asking price, when can we meet? Same with people who offer shipping. Had 2 deals in a few days already go nowhere because of flaky sellers. You move on to another and that's all you can control. 

Do you have any answers for what you'd like to see done differently? If so, start a thread.

There's tons of info about this topic throughout the forums...check it out for more "answers".


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That's a very good way to deal
With that situation
I seem,to be running in to that
A lot thanks.
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Did you get a response? I too am ready to purchase, but the seller has not even read my messages (there is only a single green check mark). Can a moderator call the seller if their number is verified? Thanks, M
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Yup. I'm having that problem right now. I offered an amount since the price wasn't firm and I can see they've getting them with the double check. But nothing. If the offer is too low your supposed to counter, thats how it works unless they say its firm. They have really good reviews too so I'm kinda stumped.
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Im dealing with this for the past few weeks!
Seller writes "first 280 takes it" ive offered it every day amd so far just gets declined after 24 says he responda within a few hrs😂😂
I reported problem to offerup but no response.....frustrating!
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What has the seller told you?

Maybe it's sold and he doesn't want to tell you or is running a scam.
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Seller hasnt said a word. Never had 2 checks by a message. Scam is always a possibility......also possible its sold but then at least let me know...mark it sold....
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@Elin i would LOVE to see the city & state members are posting about/from.  i see posts here and always have that question. while i am certain lack of repsonse, no show etc issues are common in every city i am severely curious and want to know if these posters are in my neck of the woods. also i would love to see a link to what the posting person has for sale because i am nosy.  additionally, i see it as a good sign that a seller/buyer is posting in the forum which to me indicates that as a buyer or seller they are actively using the app and making an effort so if that person were in my area i would frankly be apt to buy from them since i see they are serious.  when i see posts like this i scream. I ALWAYS answer (unless my gut tells me otherwise)!!  BUY FROM ME!!  i am a 2nd hand QUEEN so these non responding sellers are a vicious waste of time. i cannot agree enough.  i am in vegas by the way. 


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People don’t answer messages. I like to buy allot of things but no one answers .