Seller is scamming me!! Marked item as shipped, but not responding anymore!!!

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How would this work if I’m trying to get my money back?? It’s only been one day after the transaction and I already know the seller is scamming me because they stopped messaging me as soon as the transaction went through and I can tell that they blocked me because I can’t follow them either. Those are red flags!!

I go to my transaction with that seller and it says this... “Reminder: The seller will ship the item soon. We will remind the seller and auto-cancel this order if not shipped within 5 days.”

I was already charged $350 plus $1 from OfferUp on September 15, 2018 😠 So the tracking only shows the label was created. If the tracking still shows no activity by the 5th day (September 20) about the package being accepted or scanned by USPS, then am I able to file a claim with OfferUp since I have Buyer Protection??

The seller’s name is Lolamel... DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SCAMMER!!
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Open a ticket here, let them know your situation:

Make sure you don't forget any relevant info before you hit send — opening multiple help tickets will delay any replies.
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@goblin how long does it usually take for OfferUp to respond back?
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It varies, sometime a couple minutes other times a day or two.

It will depend on how many reports they have that day (including backlogs)

There are daily reports by others users on different subjects and they address them as they come in.

So be sure to only message once so you don't lose your spot.

You can also try Twitter that has worked for me in the past as well.
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@goblin well hopefully they get back to me soon. I did go to that link you provided and I explained my situation. I got an email confirmation about my request and it said to reply to the email if I had additional comments, so I attached two videos showing how the seller blocked me and stopped responding after they accepted my offer.

How fast did they get back to you when you used Twitter? I don’t have a Twitter account or know how to use it. Maybe you can direct message me and show me the steps on how you did it on Twitter, if you’re okay with that.
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How awful for you. 😞
Thank you for the head's up and warning us of this scammer. I do hope everything works out favorably.
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@Privetfla thank you, I hope everything is able to get fixed immediately so I can get my money back.

I’m never going to buy and have my item shipped on OfferUp anymore after this experience. It’s really hard to get in touch with customer support because there’s no phone number I can call
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If you cannot do your tranaction locally, cash in hand, dont do it
All this shipping and electronic payments is not worth the h*ll one has to through when something goes wrong as you unfortunately know first hand. OU is good for your basic buy/sell transactions. But customer service/support needs to be improved big time. Right, there is no number to call. When i have contacted them thru OU, they say they will investigate and then i never hear from anyone again. That is not neither service, nor support. So good luck, hope it works out and stay local. 😎😎😎
What ever ended up happening? Same thing is happening to me rn, so I’d like to know
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@Gian4147- I got my money back, but it was a nightmare and very stressful. Customer support is only through email which takes forever for them to respond. Their emails are mostly auto-generated.


Go to this link and contact OfferUp


Don't ever buy through OfferUp. After I got refunded, OfferUp made 3 more unauthroized charges from my bank account. Then it finally stopped. So just use that link and submit a buyer protection claim.