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I had over 40+ sales. Now it says I have 12? I have 24 reviews with 5 stars and I frequently change my username and profile pic Since I resell items. What’s up with this ?
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This was happening months ago to some of us. Oddly it resolved itself after a few weeks. Your listings show to buyers searching though, even if it says 12. I still only see about 40 of my 250 listings, but the ones i cant see do sell so they must be there. If i search my own item titles, results only 50% of the time. Idk why that is
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Curious as to why you change your username frequently? Understand the pic variations, however, how do you build repeat customer Sales?
Are not most OU users
upcyclers, refurbishers, or what have you...?
Much Success Newbie! 😉
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I avoid people like you who constantly change their name. It sends the wrong message. To me it says this person is a crook, besides it makes harder for the people you have sold to to find you again, because they aren't gonna find you because your name changed.