Shady car sellers

Level 1
I bought a "quick sell" car from this guy who said the tags were paid up and there is 114,000 original miles,I got pulled over a week later and found out the tags were stolen and the registration is over a year expired,this same guy has other cars posted with almost identical ads..his name is rich beware
Level 9
First off let me say I'm sorry that you had that experience and I would recommend that you report the seller to offer up so they can take appropriate action. However at least in my state anytime of vehicle is sold it is the purchasing parties responsibility to register the car as soon as it is in their possession the laws and rules maybe different where you're located. Furthermore if the person is selling multiple vehicles they may fall under a different set of rules as an auto dealer versus a private party seller again this varies greatly state by state. I'd recommend also reporting this person to your local Department of Motor Vehicles so they can see if they're breaking any laws operating as an unlicensed auto dealer