Share your shipping and packaging tips!

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Hey everyone!


Now that the shipping feature has been out for a couple months, we're interested in hearing about your best shipping and packaging tips.


It's always best to make sure any fragile items are well padded and protected, but we want to hear any tips or suggestions you may have Smiley Happy


Share your shipping and packaging tips with us below in the comments below. We may even highlight a few for a blog post coming up!

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I've been waiting to get paid on the app for 2 weeks. I've contacted offer up for help with no response. I've shipped the item and its confirmed. What else do I need to do?
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Hi i had my first experience of shipping on offer took 10 days before my money transfered to my account
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Hi @Maryplee welcome to the forum,,sounds like shipping worked well for you,,,,,ten days is good.

I have a shipping problem with the post office and I need to get ahold of the right person at Offerup please. The post office messes up and scanned the two packages I dropped off today as delivered instead of accepted so I'm now getting messages saying I have two days to ship. This was a post office screw up and I don't want to go though having my packages delivered and Offerup reversing my payments for not being sent out. If you track the packages it says it was deliver to a p.o. box at the post office I just dropped them off at and the post office tells me it will work itself out when they are delivered but till then the system is telling me I have two days to ship or payment will be canceled
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If USPS messed up, you have to a file a claim withUSPS, which is what OU will tell you, However, you can explain the situation to the buyer and have  the buyer contact OU on your behalf, so that the transaction does not get cancelled.


Just PM either @Mj_206@ or @Elin on Thursday, since it's  past business hours.

I don't think you're understanding there is no claim to file the packages were scanned as delivered instead of accepted. Its happened many times when the postal employee pushes the wrong button. So there is no claim it just can't be rescanned because it shows deliver the same day I dropped them off. So this system is going to reverse payment before the package ever arrives there is no claim to file with the post office only with Offerup if they reverse payment
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Why do yo think I indicated that you should explain the situation to the buyer? If you contact OU without any objective/verifiable evidence of USPS's mistake, OU will be hesistant to help you, since it will just be your "word". However, if you can convince the buyer to WAIT until the package arrives and to contact OU to make sure that they don't prematurely cancel the order, then you will have an easier time dealing with the situation (getting paid and avoiding the cancellation).

Ok one more time, the cancelation is done automatically in two days by the system, the package won't arrive in two days so the buyer has no control...Offerup generates the tracking number if they scan their tracking number it will show delivered the same day at the same post office at the same zip code NOT the buyers state or zip code...that's a bit more than my word smh
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All the while, if the buyer is not informed and the cancellation proceeds, he/she can just buy something else. If the buyer is aware of the situation and is willing to wait it out, until USPS delivers the item (it will be scanned again...once delivered), then you will get paid in a timely manner.


If you think someone at OU is going to make this happen "your way" within 48hours without the buyer's approval (since there is small chance that USPS really screws things up), then you are one optimistic person.


In any case, good luck to you.