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@Mj_206 Thank you! My post office is crazy here in Albuquerque when I go in there to drop off my packages they have 100s of packages on the drop off counter. I can understand how mistakes can happen sometimes. We have a number of post offices in our city, mine is just a small neighborhood post office and its overwhelmed with drop off packages. Way more packages then 3 employees can handle. Again, thank you!
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That totally makes sense, @BrightMoonstone! I appreciate how understanding you are and you're totally right - mistakes happen sometimes, the important thing is catching them and rectifying them! The good news is that our Shipping team was able to correct the status. You're correct - the package was updated straight to delivered status. The Shipping team went in and marked the item as Shipped, which should get the next steps back on track Smiley Happy Everything should be squared away now!


It looks like you've previously worked with Steven, and he knows a TON about this feature, inside and out! He's the one that told me to pass on the news that the item has been marked as delivered now. If you reply back to the case you've worked on with Steven, this should route you directly back to him Smiley Happy

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Why is ther no paypal option?


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Please post a cartoon tutorial like many sites have showing exactly how this shipping works from beginning to ending. I have not ever shipped an item through an entity like this so I find it very confusing.Where is the prepaid label coming from and who pays for it??

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10 days to wait...isn't paypal faster?????

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In the short term, Stripe is more cost effectivefor OfferUp.


In the long term, there might be a conflict of interest, since Paypal is owned by eBay.

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Yes I have same question

I had an issue like this very similar as far as the post office side if you get the postmaster and speak to them all their mail is actually monitored of course you know scanned but they do have also video and GPS the employees who took the packaging every step in his video taped and when it's scanned at next destination it's also videotaped in GPS I had a problem like that not with OfferUp but concerning my mortgage and it was one post office had contacted the other one where it was supposedly delivered right down to the carrier they had pictures and the lady that helped me in the post office who was a very nice postmaster had my overnight mail and it was my mortgage about things settled and she informed me if you have any issues always ask for the postmaster everything is video tape scanned and GPS on their trucks and she actually got down to the nitty gritty within two days time and had my substantial money order delivered by special carrier even though it was past hours to make sure that it got done and also refunded my overnight payment and it works the same for priority always have always have a tracking number I generally take pictures of every receipt just in case they're misplaced I hope this helps I've been through this before with sales and also personal items and it's very aggravating I'm actually going through that right now with another sale again with the post office and unfortunately FedEx and UPS is so expensive most people don't want to pay that but I will say one thing they get it done.. I hope this helps
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@Suny We have a video from the article on Shipping in our Help Center. You can find it here

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I need help in packaging 11 antique wine glasses for shipping.
How do I pack them securely and small enough to not exceed 15 ounces per what's on the shipping label?
A box big enough to fit them in without the shipping material weighs at least that. Help?